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Greg Pinelli

Americans were sold a truly non-partisan line of BS by both political parties in bailing out Wall St Financials and the Banks..and the Insurers..ad infinitum. We don't need (and never have!) a Financial Reform Bill to just say no to bailouts. Bailouts have nothing to do with Capitalism..and everything to do with cronyism.

Wall St. though, to disagree somewhat with Dave, can't create real asset bubbles..for that you must have the assistance and funding of a Central Bank and political heft. Think Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac..both political creations..funded by cheap money and a housing "don't ask..don't tell.." loan policy. So what to do??

Wall St is about 6 weeks from being up the creek again..just in time for the return to school! DON'T buy or believe ANYTHING they tell you..and don't stand for ANY politician telling you they need another handout so the economy won't implode. That already happened!

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