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Matt K

I agree completely with your generalization - the rays of hope if we take all of these unpopular (and expense) actions. Everybody feels good, end of story for now. We'll get around to it...

There might be a different way to approach this that could have the same effect - pass legislation that simply states the U.S. government won't pick up the tab for any changes that need to be made due to rising oceans. No levees, no relocation, no reimbursement for lost land, nada. How you would make it binding would be tricky (has to be repealed by two sessions of Congress maybe), but this could clearly state that if you build/buy in areas that might be swamped; you're on your own - no government help. Although honestly I don't think that even this would work - there will be high-rises built, and, if there are taxpayers around when they flood, somehow, we'll be the ones picking up the tab. Sigh.

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