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Greg Pinelli

The real problem with all highly optimistic scenarios (environmental, financial, resource substitution..etc)
is that they serve as sedatives to actions which might otherwise be developed to deal with harsher realities that can come along. Most of the financially optimistic scenarios I come across (does CNBC ring a bell?) are really self serving bits of business spin.

The outright hostility that people like Chris Mortensen, Bob Prechter or Mish Shedlock encounter comes not from people who just happen to have ideological disagreements with them..they hate them because they're cutting with hard facts into the rosy little scams the financial community has concocted.

What's the ordinary guy on the street to do?? Start thinking for themselves and come up with the lousiest scenarios you can create for the next 3 or 4 years..and then protect themselves and their families..because there sure isn't a politician around who'll do it for them.

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