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My wife bought herself an iPad and downloaded some books which is ironic because she rarely reads anything. I think she is doing her very best to ignore the bad news on TV and my own rants about the direction of the economy. There's more going on here than just a cult: it's socioeconomic escapism for the middle class.

No, I don't think the young people will figure out that they have been promised a future that is unattainable. We have but one myth, the myth of Progress. Rioting will occur when the followers of the cult of Progress realize there is no 'app' for meeting basic human needs.

Shock Me

I think you are going to extreme lengths to explain why people don't agree with you. Apple's not a conspiracy or a cult. They make cool toys and tools for consumers while making profit as well.

The second video is pretty funny for the first minute and a half. The rest just explains why tech elitists in love with specification lists just don't get it. It's like asking people why they like chocolate. Why bother?

Instead of whining about how stupid consumers are, go make something better and cheaper and make it here in the U.S.

John H

I think Jb hits it right on the money. This crazy rush by many American consumers to buy iWhatever (regardless of brand) is basically a way to distract themselves from facing the face the fact that we all need to start living frugally and saving our money! In this awful economy and the fact the US is mounted in insane amount of debt, it is only a matter of time we hit a serious depression. No, haven't yet because our government keeps on using foreign money to prop up the economy artificially but that can't last forever. The last thing each and everyone of us needs is less savings and investments in our portfolio. I suggest googling for Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff and listening to their predictions.

Edward  Boyle

Although I have no Apple products I understand that their closed system universe is more usable, i.e. Wintel products and programs are not adaptable to one another and crash too much.Linux is another religion of tech, one that is more akin to the low cost, opensource downsizing mindset. For most people the halfway house of Wintel works best, more products and less technical capabilities needed to get along. Apple is for creative types who don't want to do any technical thinking and have more cash to save any work. So for creative tpyes without tech skills money saves thinking and as long as the products and progams work very well, it is ok. Wintel can be very frustrating and Linux is mostly still for geeks though openoffice and so on are ok. In the future if computers are to remain alive in a low resource world opensourcing will be important possibly with Apple type inegrative quality as the programs and systems mature without constanly being updated with useless new features and chips. We need low energy computers dirt cheap with mature opensource systems if we want computers to exist for us into the 21st century.

Steve Jobs is a creative genius driving people ahead of him (or his engineers who he motivates are the real geniuses, Wozniak and the Ipod/Ipad inventor). Techies are bores who can't communicate. An artist with a communicative talent like Jobs can bring science / technology across and into use for a broad audience. The early internet compared to today is a case in point. Think of early Walt Disney animationa and how Pixar, one of Jobs investments, has modernized animation and created massive competition and renewal in this whole area.

Generally technology is a male domain over all of history and then a creative female type spirit or an artist gets hold of it and sees it use for the masses unitil it becomes a household object for everyday use. This could be fire, farming, language, handtools, etc. I think Steve Jobs has a creative gift. Modern hitech is not evil in and of itself. Certainly he has created a good brand name and this has real value as it does not ignore the human/female side of the equation.

I think the phrases "Intuitive" and "Ease of Use" could be the best description for Apple products generally. We can only thank the nerdy greedy Bill Gates that Steve Jobs has such a following. Bill Gates is like the Soviet Politburo or Henry ford. "You can have any color car as long as it is Black".

Before the music store for Ipods, which Jobs negotiated over a long time, it was just downloading pirate music mainly and burning it. Basically he is bringing trust of computing and internet (silicon valley engineer types) together with content/creative Hollywood people. He is a one man integration of these worlds. Like Obama, a moderate mixed race democrat. Job loves tech and he loves content and intuitive use and ease of use and nice design (not a black box). I could never afford thee stuff but i admire the concept. It goes overboard perhaps and has hit Peak Apple but the lack of quality and usability from a trusted name brand of others is at fault for his success (very good individual products from relatively unknown manufacturers as the telephone mentioned in video above are a case in point. Nobody can do everything. Specialist are excellent in many areas but they have to hook onto wintel or Linux to "plug in").


I agree that there is a widespread fetish for Apple-designed products, but there are concrete reasons for their success.

I've been a user of mainly Apple computers for 2 decades (and remember the original Macintosh computers as well as the first IBM PC's). Apple's OS has always been far ahead of Microsoft's in terms of usability, and Windows has always been cruder aesthetically and more primitive. And what innovations has MS given us, aside from the bright idea of requiring cumbersome and restrictive on-line activations of our software? Were it not for Apple pushing MS at every turn, we would not have graphical interfaces, WYSIWYG, mice, and built-in webcams as standard equipment in computers. Whenever I need to do something on a PC, it takes hours and hours because nothing ever works the first time (and the various versions of Windows are never completely compatible). Finally, after many years MS did improve the appearance of screen text and graphics, but one still has the feeling that one is driving a vehicle that was designed by a large committee of mediocre thinkers. No vision, no imagination, no sense of the user. Why put up with this?

For Apple computer users, the interoperability of Apple computers, iPods, and iPhones is the big plus. I have my calendar in iCal and my AddressBook and these are seamlessly and automatically sync'ed to my iPod and iPhone via MobileMe. The iPhone (I have a jailbroken original model and a $100/year prepaid service through T-Mobile) -- I can't forgive Apple's evil deal with ATT) is not very good as a phone (can't hear the ringer), but I don't receive a great many calls, so it doesn't matter. The iPod could also be better (e.g. include an FM radio and microphone), but as far as I can see, it's still ahead of anything on the PC side.

So if you are a PC user, the enthusiasm for Apple products may be somewhat mysterious, but think about it next time you try to sync up your devices and the software doesn't work, or you go to upgrade your computer and find that you need to buy a new OS license from MS (This business of selling OEM system licenses that are bound to the computer is another one of MS's big innovations -- screw that).

Retro Jordans

wow i love t hat SO much... can i cut and paste it into my blog?? but give u credit, of course???


It seems there are plenty of fanboyism among Apple users... love without reason. Even one of my colleges which is in other aspects very reasonable person treats some ordinary users as false Apple users (for example they use only one product for wrong reason - it is sexy, others have it too, someone told them it is the best choice...) I don´t see this way of thinking too often for example in Windows user base.

But I understand attractivity of Apple solutions, Apple is winning by strategy "keep it simple". You have one and the only way. It is simple. I think most people are satisfied with that.

But I'm in the second group and it doesn't work for me. I want to do it my way. And MS or Linux or Android camps give me more freedom.

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