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Bill Mcdonald

What these people need is for their "math models" to be shoved so far up their backsides, they'll never see the sunshine again.

I am so sick of these degree toting pencil pushers who missed not only the housing bubble but its' imminent collapse, telling the rest of us how the
government will solve the problem, the one that they themselves created.

They need to be discredited and run out of town, pensionless, one step ahead of the angry mob with pitchforks.

Matt K

What all of the economists need is stats just like they have in sports. I find it a little ironic that in something that's really just entertainment they keep stats on EVERYTHING - "the last time this team won again a 7-5 team when the weather was below 32 degrees was back in 1942". Yet enter economics & finance - no mention ever of how people did with past predictions. Just like no one bats a 1.000, no one will ever get every call right, but a little background info would go a long way.

But then, everything that's happened in the last several years is nothing anyone saw coming...

Lawrence Baker

How we ended the great American Democracy, Independence and Main Street Capitalism with Totalitarian World Bankster Globalization...

Explain to the American victims Mr. Blinder and Mr. Zandi How indentured debt is wealth?


Maybe he just misread the results of the analysis. Instead of having boosted GDP by 6.5% and jobs by 8.5 million, maybe their results indicate that we still have 6.5% declinde in GDP to go and another 8.5 million jobs to be lossed.

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