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Greg Pinelli

Wow! A government program to fix the trade gap..that's bound to work. The US will NEVER..ever..export more than it imports...at least until food becomes so scarce that no one cares about Chinese made slip n slides and Thai made jeans. When THAT happens..and the greatest food producing nation on God's earth starts putting down the hammer..it will be a decidedly dog eat dog world...literally.

People in this status mongering semi-literate dog pile of a country look DOWN on manufacturing. They'd certainly never let a college graduate engage in something so menial..and well..third worldey.
When this administration is over we're going to be left with a Gulf that is as dead as television...a health care system where people will be sent do it yourself operation manuals..and a financial system that has..big surprise..snookered the reform bill.

Someone I know was recently touting the virtues of gold...I suggested that was all well and good, but if he was really concerned about the future he'd buy cases of Jack Daniels and a Colt .45...much more useful...

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