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Edward  Boyle

Actually what you usually write about is paradocxically good in the sense of climate. If the ecoomy is going down the drain due to incompetence and if fossil fuels are running out destroying modern civilization then it can only help the biosphere and therefore humanity as well (in reduced form perhaps) long term.

So a perverse pleasure could be taken by any climate scientist to see doom and gloom Roubini style and higher and higher gas prices and even homelessness (of otherwise massively consuming suburbanites). Essentially a well run and balanced economy with good social adjustments and a sensible govt. reaction to the climate problems could powerdown in population and resource use in a sensible way, and some sort of try, though growth remains the main mantra, however Green politics is a strong minority vote in many European countries for example.

It seems that such blockage in the senate could tempt one to suggest that senate rules of a 60 blocking vote could be changed and that the senate itself giving overweighting to heavily underpopulated areas should be abolished or radically changed. Remember FDR trying to pack the Supreme Court? If Obama really meant business he would do everything in his power to change the rules till they backed down and he got his way in the senate. Not to say he ain't a good president but we might need a direct counterpoint to G.W. Bush, someone obtuse and brutal on the right side of history, someone willing to really get his hands dirty for a good cause and say "the constitution is just a goddamned piece of (toilet) paper" and roll up his sleeves to save the world over the dead bodies of all those corrupt ***holes in businesss and politics.

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