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Dr. C.

China & the U.S. You hope it can be avoided, I hope it can be avoided, but it sure keeps lookin' like one of these days, There Will Be Blood...

Tony Weddle

I understand China is a long way short of US GDP (maybe half?). So does that imply that China is only half as efficient as the US in its use of energy, or is there another explanation, perhaps related to global markets? If it's down to inefficiency and China continues to grow at near double digit rates (even if that rate is slowing), things could get ugly real quickly, in the energy arena.

Matt K

It's interesting as you post this that there was an article on CNBC that "Big is Back for American Drivers" and that sales of SUVs/Crossovers/trucks is increasing (http://www.cnbc.com/id/38328050) because people don't expect prices to go much above $3.50 a gallon (ever, apparently). So it seems like we'll get to a fight sooner rather than later...

Greg Pinelli

China's oil grab is over..as in FINISHED. The next major concern for the People's Republic is internal strife and dealing with huge bogus loans for real estate. China not only can't save us..it can't save its own over indebted butts. By the way..even though Peak Oil is definitely an inescapable reality BOTH oil and natural gas are heading lower...much lower. No money..no business..no business no transport..no transport NO buy oil.


"China knows—unless they are deluding themselves—that we have entered the Peak Oil Era."

i would say for the most part they are in as much denial as we are; certainly some who've researched the situation know, but the majority of chinese officialdom are probably no more intuned than ours is...

the other aspect about their energy consumption that must be kept in mind is that a lot of it has to do with their position as factory of the world, for manufacture, transport and shipping; to the extent that this is true, a certain portion of their consumpotion is, de facto, exported

ugg knightsbridge

You have a good understanding of China! Deeply the Chinese people I admire you! Thank you for your love! We will be better in China

C. Paul Davis

Say after me - "Peak Oil has arrived" and keep repeating it because Peak Oil has arrived - it actually happened in 2008.

Will there be global conflict over oil? Most likely.

Until the world (United States included) recognizes and accepts that the world can no longer produce more than what it is producing today (84-86 million barrels of oil per day(there will be no serious attempt to find suitable and "affordable" renewal sources of energy to replace oil. Tar sands, shale oil, bio-fuel, ethanol, and other "unconventional oil" all sound good, but they don't pass the Energy Returned on Energy Invested *EROEI)test.

Here is a good idea for serious consideration. Why not recover a significant portion of the 6.2 trillion barrels of oil trapped in the 70,000 global oil fields? A 10% recovery rate would result in an additional 620 billion barrels of oil - enough oil for another 10 years at today's 31 billion barrels of oil used per year.

One of the best answers to finding more is using Titan Oil Recovery's proprietary Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) process. Titan "Finds new oil where oil has already been produced - in existing oil fields". No more drilling required. No deep water drilling required.

Check out Titan at www.titanoilreocovery.com. The cost of recovering a barrel of incremental oil is about $7.00 and it works as evidenced by several large oil companies who have been using it for the past three years.

The technology works as evidenced by two SPE Papers that have recently been approved and published.

Paul Davis

Yes, I work for Titan.


The economy today means energy. All other forms of commerce is the direct result of cheap and abundant energy. People will not be told when peak oil has arrived, it will just happen to them. We may be forced back to a sub-billion population if we don't get the fossil fuel substitute sorted out soon, and that will be one of mankind's most important undertakings to date. Strange times we may see. The whole planet is connected to this.

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