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Cracking post.

Until quite recently I was scrupulous about my daily reading of the FT which I considered a MSM outlet far superior to anything to be found stateside. The scales have belatedly fallen from my eyes, though, and while I still subscribe to it, I spend a lot less time reading the FT because while it may be better than most of rest of the corporate media dross, it is as you state "vested in a Failed System [that does] not acknowledge the failed nature of that system because if... [it does], the game is over".

I was struck by a comment left recently on the blog of, funnily enough, Martin Wolf: "Some days reading the FT, and especially Alphaville, is like being in the last days of the Raj. A select group of residents of some alternate reality assume they remain in control of events, oblivious that events are moving more and more out of their control."

Too true. Perhaps this blog should be called "the antiDOTE".

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