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Will you consider putting all the Flatland essays together into one document?

I re-read them all (1-3) fairly frequently because I find them (and this blog) so helpful and useful.

Thank you

T e Cho


Likely there dwill be a wealth of new craziness which your readers woluld like your discovery and dissection on. It will be a wild 2017 - garanteed...

And things which help better predict the near term future are always valuable...

The horizon seems to be getting closer and closer


Sounds like a good plan, Dave. I just re-read part 1 last week and this time started on following all the links. I will move on to part 2, this month. I will be especially interested in the section - the nature of consciousness in part 4. That seems to be the area most of my additional reading and exploring has been heading.

I hope you include a link to the updated graphic for the flatland model part 1.

M. Frank

Over the years, I've liked to tell myself that the reason my personality type exists (labelled "pessimistic" by other humans) is to get the species through bottleneck events. Combine several individual's antisocial tendencies with most humans' need to be led and add a crisis. Since most people wait until the teeth of the crisis actually clamps down, they have no other option for survival than to turn to the one or two people who saw it coming. It seems to be a recipe nomadic tribal success.

It's also a recipe for deep frustration in those same antisocial individuals who are forced to live in a "full" world where external threats have been extinguished and intricate, destructive social arrangements rule the day. Nobody says "Oh thank goodness for all the weirdos who got us here." Instead they say "See? Our ways are the best ways, as evidenced by our existence."

Dave Cohen


Look, guy, there is a link to the updated model in today's post. Look at the bullet list.

Can you not see it? I'm serious. Others have not any problem with spotting and following links. At least I think not.

I take care with every link to 1) use a different font and 2) underline it. The link text is gray.

-- Dave

The Wet One

Oh ho!

I see that I've come to your attention.


How nice to be recognized.

I quietly come here regularly to see what you have to say. Your commentary is most thought provoking. That's what I like. That said, I'm come to much the same conclusions as you about the ultimate outcome, but not the why of that outcome. You've done a great job providing an explanation as to why the outcome appears as unavoidable as it is, no matter how I try to see another likely alternative.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights. I have benefited thereby and I am most appreciative of your efforts.

Happy New Year!

David Laskaris

Dave, imho, you're a great philosopher for our age, one that is direly needed. Your blog here always being one of the first websites I visit daily, it's always a pleasure to read your writings. I hope that someday you publish some of your material in actual book form, as I'd bet there are more folks out there than you realize who share your point of view, but have difficulty voicing it, or are fearful of voicing it because of the Flatland backlash against ideas that threaten the status quo.

I'm also curious about the writing and notes that you never publish; I bet there's some real gems in those. Maybe someday you'll share them with us?

Happy New Year, Dave. I'm looking forward to reading your take on the upcoming bullshit as it unfolds. Blessed be, brother.

Dave Cohen

@The Wet One

Yes, I got some links from your discussion thread. I saw how you struggled futilely to explain my point of view to someone who will never understand it. Anyway...

Re: I'm come to much the same conclusions as you about the ultimate outcome, but not the why of that outcome

Hmmm... care to explain that?


-- Dave


Yes Dave. I saw it after I posted, while I was of course following the links above (as noted)...


Dave, you're the only writer I've run across in a decade who has a clue, and have made me think much. Thanks for that.


Great! Maybe then I can digest the flatland en toto, print it, and add it to my pile of Jay Hanson essays. I promise to put a tissue between them.

Mike Cooper

Happy New Year Dave! I am so much looking forward to the completion of the 4th essay.

Alexander Ač

Hi there!

Nice exchange in every case, enlightening to see that I (or others) are not totally alone in vast universe...

I came to that same conclusion as Dave has summarized - and I agree more each passing day, as I observe things around the (human an natural) world happening. Thats all what we can do in the end: just observe the downward spiral.



The Wet One

Hi Dave,

You asked that I explain the following:

"That said, I'[ve] come to much the same conclusions as you about the ultimate outcome, but not the why of that outcome."

What I meant by that was that I had come to the same prediction about the world's future (named being completely screwed) as you, but I had not been able to determine why that future probably couldn't be avoided. Your insights as described in the Flatland essays provided the why to the question of why the foreseen future apparently can't be avoided.

Re-reading what I wrote now, I seen wasn't very clear about what I intended to convey in that sentence. My apologies for the confusion.

John Wheeler

I am definitely looking forward to this! Not as much for myself, because I have been following your blog long enough to get it, but I know some people who I think could really benefit from an understanding of Flatland, but I haven't figured a really good place for them to start.

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