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Dave - I think you and the Ponziworld guy would really enjoy a chat over a beer.
He is as disgusted with the lunatics running and reporting on this shit show as you are.



Like some bizarre non-sequitur, from the study:
"a growing number of studies also show that
increased leakage of methane from new natural gas infrastructure
can offset CO2 reductions relative to coal 22,23."
"Our analysis focuses on US fossil fuel CO2
emissions and does not include
emissions of non-CO2
greenhouse gases such as methane. Incorporating methane
in the analysis would tend to reduce the climate benefit of gas via the fuel mix of
the power sector because of fugitive methane emissions, which may be
See these:
As you'll see in these links, we really don't know how much methane is leaking from fracking sites. If we did, the study would include methane (seems like rank insanity that it does not), and there would be a very different black line (emissions) in those charts.

Tala OFM

Hello Dave. Great piece you have here. I have recently delved deep into what's causing US emissions to decline subject but the way you summarized everything really connected the dots for me. Cheers!

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