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I wonder what it's like for Elizabeth Kolbert. I mean, she must be doing interviews almost constantly as she promotes her book, and the questions must be virtually identical to this drivel. Literally, she must hear the same ridiculous questions again and again....

Will _____________ save the day? (evolution, technology, adaptation, etc.)
What do you say to ____________? (deniers, economists, politicians, etc.)
How ______________? (can we fix this, end on a happy note, find a silver lining, etc.)

Seriously, she must have this incredible urge to just go OFF!

"Okay, how can I put this? Let's see... oh, yeah, okay, let's try this. We. Are. Fucked. F U C K E D ! ! ! Don't you get it? All this shit, ALL OF IT, is caused by humans being human. You want a happy ending? Are you fucking kidding me?! What? Do you figure humans are going to suddenly, magically evolve a fucking conscience after a million or so years?! Seriously, get a fucking clue! We are all on the shit train, it's accelerating and we're all getting liquored in the club car... there's nobody anywhere near the fucking steering wheel. There's your fucking happy ending. I'm outta here. Peace!"


@Brian - Bravo.

Dave - This is a nice track by Dougie MacLean, who dedicated it to humanity's arrogance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJer7-eAy3o

In camaraderie - Oliver


Brian - watch the Q&A here:

She talks 'solutions' at 27:00, and then Q&A starts at 28:00. She doesn't go off, of course. Like Dave says, she does seem to be a master at avoiding happy answers while not laying the hammer down too traumatically. The folks at Google might not be able to handle it. The only decent question was the one about the nitrogen cycle.

Mike Roberts

No extinction deniers, Elizabeth? Hmm, I think Euan Mearn's so-called energy blog comes close. But then it seems to exhibit a flavour of climate change denial also.

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