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Mike Roberts

Shit! Words fail me (other than that first one). What happened to joined up thinking?


So, this is basically just another positive feedback loop...

Human behavior trashes the oceans, which...
Drives the remaining fish closer to the human population centers, which...
Increase their destructive behavior due to their "good fortune", which...
Trashes the oceans....

We really do seem to be on a race to the bottom with ourselves. In some ways, the only honest open question is how many other species are we going to take down with us. Unfortunately, unless the human-limiting consequences of the positive feedbacks combine much faster than I expect them to, the answer is that we will probably prolong the damage long enough to take down an unfathomable number of the other inhabitants of this rock.



Well, alongside this marine migration are rising sea levels compounded by superstorm-driven waves, resulting in increased flooding of the land where humans live. Seen from above, it looks very much like the humans are blindly enacting a great self-limiting exercise. We evolved from the sea, and it looks like we are helping the sea to reclaim us, one way or another. Consolation: Humans washed away do provide a handy food source for whatever marine creatures are still around. I hope the fish don't choke on our preservative-laden carcasses.


With the loss of MH370 and the subsequent aerial searches of large tracts of ocean for debris, I think a few people will have become aware that the oceans are now full of crap - even objects large enough to be mistaken for the remains of a crashed jet airliner.

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