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And then I realized what day it is . Got me good!

Would that it were so.


You forgot the part where Dave Cohen is hired at the NYT as their new Reality reporter.


Within moments of Bar-Art O'Bama's impromptu evening address to the nation, people all over the world (well, in Barchester County, Virgina at least) looked at each other in fear - fear that the clue they had suddenly got would be snatched from their grasp. By 9:00 PM EST, a support group had spontaneously sprung up. First item on the agenda: What do we call ourselves. When someone at the back piped up: "I don't want to let my clue out of my clutches!" the self-appointed chair(wo)man jumped to his/her feet and declared: "I've got it! Let's call ourselves the Clue Clutch Clan!"

They then retired to find someone to set fire to. His Excellency Paul 'The Gall' Krugman was nowhere to be found.

Alexander Ač

The best part:

"What the fuck have we been doing?," asked Wanda Fahrenwald of Bloomington, Indiana. "We're fucking up the climate, we're fucking up the oceans, and, God Knows, there are way, way too many of us consuming too much shit we don't need."

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