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Well, the talking heads always seem to be saying that scientists will never get the message out until they learn to use a more polished messaging approach. Here it is. Give the people what they want. What could be simpler than that. Now, people will be able to accept the scientific message and internalize its meaning... that is, that it's no big deal, just like Fox has been saying for years. All good, right?

And the blowback from human behavior continues on... and on... and on...


Oh great. Tim Jackson does the utopian dance on stage and with sleight of hand espouses a classic obfuscation. While claiming we don't need to change human nature, he offers a solution to all our troubles that necessitates a change in human nature. Which as we all know is like asking a giraffe to live in a foxhole.

This isn't hope, it's magic.

Rob N. Banks

Hmm, if we can grow our economy big enough to shrug off climate change, then we should be able to grow our economy big enough to shake off anything, right? Physics, chemistry, biology -- they ain't shit compared to economics! Economics vs. The Heat Death of the Universe? Ha! Like you gotta even ask who wins that one. The Invisible Hand of the Free Market will just sort the Universe into a lower state on entropy when the time comes.

Mike Roberts

JFC, I hope the final report doesn't say that. Like environmental degradation is just another of the many risks, which we ignore also, rather than a threat to all life? JFC.

Notice the cheering when Tim Jackson gave the outline of the story ("It's a story about us, people, being persuaded to spend money we don't have on things we don't need to create impressions that won't last on people we don't care about.") As you said, "they applaud wildly and then go off and continue doing the stuff which makes the news bad". That's so common in those TED talks.

Actually, despite all his dreaming, Jackson did hint ant an acknowledgement that it is just dreaming, when asked a question at the end.

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