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It's not a stupidity problem; it's a docility problem. And that comes ultimately from their animal nature.

Americans are not disgusted with the way things are, but they're not stupid either. They're trying to keep their head down so nobody shoots it off.

I have to agree with you Dave, when you put it this way. If by their 'animal nature' you mean docile people accept the pecking order in a Darwinian sense (i.e. because they strongly desire to 'survive'), I can't argue. On the other hand, the choice seems to be a Hobson's choice:

1. Put your head above the parapet (rebel against the elite) and get your head shot off (quick demise).
2. Keep your head down (don't confront the elite) and get slowly strangled (slow demise).

As premature death is a certainty in both options, I can't help writing off people who 'think' option #2 is somehow sensible. Unless there's a sedative being administered via the water supply - or in that secret cola recipe - if people are smart but choose #2 over #1, I need to consult the Oracle for a new definition of smart.

PS - I admire the energy of your rant. I am so burnt out by the disgust, I find it hard to even laugh anymore at the fools who love human life in 2014.


Here's a 30-second laugh:



"They're trying to keep their head down so nobody shoots it off."

Yeah, the fact that 3/4 of the population doesn't have more than 6 months expenses in savings means that they're highly unlikely to rock the boat. Either they have people depending on them or they are dependent on just themselves and their job. Anything that threatens that is pretty much out of the question. While the predatory class chips away at the edges they think they at least have, and need, the center.

Plus, we live in an era where employers check out the Facebook profile and internet presence of prospective hires:

As we 'progress', internet technology is becoming better and better and tracking and logging individual actions. It's a pretty good deterrent for radicalism or even free expression.

Mike Roberts

Sigh. Yes, the filter. That explains a lot, though I wish it weren't so.

I hate this civilisation, even though the thought of not having it can be scary. But I wish it wasn't going to take so long for it to come crumbling down.

david s

The obsession with reducing the federal deficit is a problem, too.

The US runs a $500 billion trade deficit, give or take, every year. Id that amount isn't offset by an equal federal deficit, the private sector is forced into negative savings. It's not politics, it's accounting.

You'll see the federal deficit has shrunk rapidly the last couple years; urged on by both Democrats and Republicans. This is forcing the private economy into the red.

Robert Arrington

Hmmm...makes me wonder if a propensity toward acquiring what is normally described as Stockholm Syndrome is an evolved defense mechanism-particularly among those who, while not being among the elites, still defend the system with almost religious fervor.

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