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Alexander Ač

Dave, thanks for making my day (again)!

So I am happy, because:

* I don't care about impacts of climate change
* I don't care about ocean acidification
* I don't care about overfishing
* I don't care about deforestation
* I don't care about soil erozion
* I don't care about (rising) wealth and income inequality
* I don't care about peak oil and resource depletion
* I don't care about air pollution
* I don't care about water polution
* I don't care about impacts of wrecking the nitrogen cycle
* I don't care about overpopulation
* I don't care about relative and absolute greed
* I don't care about other idiots inhabiting this planet with me

and most of all:

* I DO care only about myself

-- NOTHING of that I don't care applies to me (otherwise, naturally, I would care), and I have nothing to do with it, therefore I am happy. And smiling at others. That is the best evidence there are no meaningful limits to growth and human ingenuity. Most of humanity is following me and I have many friends.



Tony Noerpel

Hi Dave

I don't wish to argue either but Tom Murphy a physicist on his bloghttp://physics.ucsd.edu/do-the-math/2013/09/the-real-population-problem/
observes that population growth rate as a function of per capita GDP is U shaped. It is low for the middle class but high for the poor and the wealthy. This trend if true may have the effect of increasing the growth rate as more people become poorer. On the other hand hard to extrapolate into a future we've never before experienced.


John Smith

Hi Dave,

Albert Bartlett himself had 4 daughters. Does that make him a hypocrite, or did he himself not understand the exponential function?

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