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Well as George Carlin said "when you're born you get a ticket to the freak show, and if you're born in America you get a front row seat"

Economics is better described as a religion than as a science. You have to accept what they say on faith, not facts.

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The best solutions are the simplest ones. And the best, best solutions are those that solve at least two problems simultaneously.

Problem 1: Rising sea levels as a result of climate change.
Problem 2: The inexorably rising greed of the thieving 'top tier' of humanity, which is accelerating Problem 1.
Problem 3: The rising prominence of the creepy sycophantic economists and media spinners who prop up the thievery of Problem 2.

Grand Solution: Stack up all the perpetrators of Problems 2 & 3, horizontally, and use them as sandbags to ameliorate Problem 1.

My Lord, I rest my case.


I mostly giggled here. It's all true, of course.

I see iPads and smartphones as the baubles thrown by the aristocracy out of their carriages. Most people, though, see them as a tangible symbol that Progress is real, and life is improving.

We're actually undergoing a massive social experiment with smartphones and tablets. It's well illustrated here:

Are these things really improving our lives? Or are they just what any impartial observer seeing someone use one would think - a distraction? I saw a guy driving a motorcycle on a highway while texting once. He wasn't wearing a helmet.

Mike Roberts

Hope you get well soon, Dave. Thanks for continuing to blog.

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