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Tragedy. Comedy, too. But mostly tragedy. Such is the filthy tide of human history since our ancestors c.10,000 years ago turned sharp left when they had that certifiably insane brainwave called capitalism.

Calling all aliens: avoid us, or cure us. Your call.


Hey, but in other news, "Disney rotates its characters so they stay 'fresh'". So there's that.


Well hopefully the Cree Indians are wrong and we can actually eat money.

Alexander Ač

Speaking of oceans, sorry dying oceans, sorry dead oceans, here is one, interesting article in terms of dolphins die-off:

Anoxic Oceans, Biotoxins and Harmful Algae — Missing Links in Mass Dolphin Deaths on US East Coast?

article is good I think, except the last question.

"The dolphins, our ‘sentinels of ocean health’ are dying. And in their deaths are a message that we should be hearing loud and clear. Will we listen?"

Clearly, author is in the mis-diagnosis camp about that "Will we listen?"



Kevin Paulsen


“Humpbacks are telling us that something has changed,” he said. “Ocean systems are so complex, it’s really hard to know what it means. For one year, I don’t think there’s any reason to be alarmed, but there is certainly reason to be curious.”

Curious...that's it? Curious...We are done Dave, no reason to be alarmed. (insert diabolical laughter)


I'm actually thinking of working on a project about the fish here in Hawaii - a personal project of documenting the reefs and fish that live there. It's been simmering for a year since I went to Lanikai and found it had less fish than the protected area of Waikiki, despite Waikiki having a mostly dead reef and being covered in algae while Lanikai has a living reef. I have bought the camera I will use, I plan on making videos and posting them on youtube. It's worth a try, 90% of the decent videos are of people killing fish (spearfishing).

Even if people CAN see it (which many can, here, where spearfishing is very popular, and almost everyone has at one point or another put on a mask at least to snorkel), they just run the denial motor until they erase the evidence of their senses. "The fish are in Hanauma Bay because they feed them (nevermind feeding them is no longer allowed, and there are plenty of big fish in Waikiki where NOBODY feeds them)", "Humans are a natural part of the system", "There are still plenty of uhu/ulua/kumu/yellow tang, you just don't see them because they live in deeper/shallower water". Fisherman and aquarium collectors can find lots of excuses why it's not their fault, and why it's perfectly okay that it's all fucked up.

The pelagic species have it even worse - they spend much of their life in international waters, nobody ever snorkels or dives to see them because you have to go miles out, they are almost entirely thought of as food AND they are worth a shitload of money. Plus the open ocean is basically thought of as a sewer/trash bin, even more so than local waters which STILL have quite a bit of trash.

Trawling, well, I think you know my opinion of trawling. Longlines aren't far behind. The fish can't and never will catch a break.

Really, there's not a lot to say. At one point, people hunted swordfish by rowing out a bit, now you have to go miles out. Fish probably have the best protection possible from human predation (living in an environment entirely unsuitable for humans, that is also huge and deep), yet we "solved" those "problems" for the fishermen and somehow we are managing to empty out an environment larger than most people can even imagine.

Ray Blaak

Here is another version of the same story. This version is more chilling, I think:


Note the part about the boat's paint job getting weird off the coast of Japan.

Alexander Ač

Well, there is this article by prof. Stephen Hesse:

‘Scary as hell’ ocean-research storm breaks

and the last sentence:

The choice, quite simply, is now ours.

Why people keep pushing this agenda? Seems like they don't have choice... :-)



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