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Ken Barrows

And media figures at the head of the line. After all, they cannot do their jobs unless they have access to the powerful. What are their jobs anyway? It's not "truth telling."


Hi Dave, your link to Ferguson's article leads to a WSJ subscriber log in page. Here's a direct link...


That was fun. Love the last line..."he has chosen to be just a naughty boy, bravely brandishing his peashooter and aiming two clicks off target so that no one important gets stung"


Dave Cohen


Yeah, I added that line to the post because it is beautiful.


-- Dave


"their near-total lack of interest in the ideas that are supposed to shape the political arrangements of a contentious but self-governing country"

Made me think about how little true conviction there is amongst the leadership class these days (except when it comes to self-interest, and then there is fanatical conviction). Any government that has lobbyists write most of its legislation is in the deep.

Latest story is about how there has been a 'breakthrough' on student loan interest rates. Traditionally capped at 3.4%, it raised to 6.8% in July. The compromise is now that it will be capped at 8.25-10.5%, and the President is all good with that:

It's like politicians don't really have any strong feelings on politics, they just decide on a brand and choose to represent it. Pepsi or Coke, your choice.

I know you don't like Chris Hedges in general, but he does have a great phrase, "Brand Obama". And in that light (from the mind of a marketer):


It's an "exclusive" circle jerk.


I was hoping for a few more hard hitting posts, like yesterdays.
I appreciate the effort you have been putting in Dave.


Jarrett's grating robotic voice and empty eyes come as standard with Washington automatons who have echo chambers in their skulls.

Open up their craniums and there's nothing there.

Now that's transparency!


Again. Another example of why I read your articles. Funny, insightful and educational. You always manage to see through the smoke and mirrors and see the little man behind the curtain. Excellent.


There's quite a contrast between Carlin and status-quo "mirthmakers" like Mark Russell and his brethren The Capitol Steps. They are the toothless Court Jesters who know too well that if they verge into truth-telling they'll be sent to the gallows.

The video is priceless. Are they still soliciting ideas? I know of an interesting blog they could check out...

And regarding drone targeting, it is based on profiling, such as simply being in a particular region. Here, if you don't look right, you could be harassed by the police or shot by a vigilante. Live in the wrong part of Afghanistan, and you could get blown up just for being there.

Really enjoy your work, Dave. I hope you continue on at least a semi-regular basis. You're in a class of your own.


This shit is so depressing that I wonder for a moment why I stay in this country, then I realize that I live on Planet Stupid and that damn near every country on this planet is as depressingly fake as this one.


Open government. The irony of this drivel would be remembered for generations, except nobody's actually paying attention. Learning about the decline of the american empire for future historians (should they exist) will be like deciphering egyptian hieroglyphics...because if electronic media is preserved, it will be difficult to decipher any sort of meaningful message from the incredible load of bullshit that was heaped on top of it.

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