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Here, where I live in Oregon, people often part by saying "have a nice day". I've never liked that expression, much preferring the "take it easy" that I grew up with in New York. So take it easy, Dave.

Mick Jordan

As one if the 1253 loyal readers of DOTE I will sorely miss it. I've been following your writings since the Oil Drum. Thanks for it all. As they say in CA, "Have Fun!"


Fare thee well, thanks for your efforts.

"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth." - Morpheus

Ken Barrows

Thank you, Dave, for making me slightly less doomerish.


Farewell, fellow-sufferer.


Dave -


And great journeys to you!


So this is it.

The birds are silent, the air is still. Far away, across the field, the tolling of the iron bell calls the faithful to their knees, to hear the softly spoken magic spells... [Enough of this - Ed.]

As you say, we need comedy as a foil to tragedy. On this thesis-antithesis basis, I find that what you call "the bitter end" is also strangely uplifting. It's been a marvelous journey on the DOTE-mobile and I really did learn a lot. What I didn't know was that you were racking up 1,612,639 Lifetime Pageviews. That may not be sufficient in your eyes but - wow! I call that astonishing in a world of 99.99% dumbass numbness.

I have certainly used the info you've imparted - not to try to sway others (not my style and utterly pointless in any case) but to lubricate and rejuvenate my gray matter which was in danger of submerging under incessant waves of despair concerning my species.

As you turn off the lights for the moment, I look forward to your occasional re-emergence and put me down for one of those CDs, which will be useful beyond the end of the free internet.

Your opening remark - Yesterday I found humanity not guilty by reason of insanity - will keep me laughing for a long time. So thanks for that too.

I still have an itch to crawl across the ocean and have that beer with you. I have a feeling that there's more laughing to be done before the last laugh. In the meantime, echoing Dennis and no doubt the rest of the tribe, take it easy Dave.


Thank you.


Brian S.

Take care Dave. Brian S. from Philly.


Thank you for DOTE, Dave. It will be missed.

J. Drew

Thanks Dave. I'm going to miss reading DOTE every morning, but I certainly don't begrudge your decision to stop publishing. I'll be looking forward to reading some "longer stuff" in the fall.
Bye for now, I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.


Thanks, Dave. I've really appreciated your writing over the last couple of years.

I look forward to your future material.

Good travels.


thank you and good luck


Bitterness! Don't quit....

I agree with most of what you've ever written, which obviously means that I feel insane when faced with the rest of the human world. How do you get through the day....

I look forward to your new writings, whenever they come around.


I will miss starting my workday by reading DOTE. I have enjoyed & appreciated your work. Thank you.


My father who passed away in 2010 was born in Belgium and came to the USA when he was 21. He was the realist I have met in my life. Much of his point of view has re-resonated with your posts. When I would complain and say that something just could not get any worse, my Dad would always respond, "Oh yes it can and it will". When he entered the house after work, he would usually ask - well what happened in the world today? My mom would tell him the news and what not and he would always respond. Just what I expected. Too bad.

In his absence, your voice has brought him back to me. I loved him dearly. His was a unique voice and his ideas and thoughts were never common and he was liked but with a reserve on the part of most because he was straight on with his views, thoughts, and opinions. He told me later that his thoughts were shaped by war and what he saw,(burning bodies of normal citizens burning in the streets during WW2), when he was a child of 12. He said humans were not too bright and that I needed to adopt a realistic view of our lack of ability to appreciate the fact that we seemed incapable of understanding the fact that we were on a rolling ball of rock with no where else to go and that we owed it to each other and all of nature to make it work for everyone.

I can say that his views shaped my life, my thoughts, my actions, and finding your blog and a few others have continued to inspire me and give me comfort.

Thank you for the efforts you have made for all of us.


Goodbye and good luck, Dave. Of the humans, you are certainly among the finest sort. I will miss the daily dose of sanity I found here, but I also look forward to your CD and other future works. Don't ever pull any punches! (I know you won't.)


Thanks, Dave! Non Carborundum Illigitimi!


Dave --

Mahalo nui loa for clarifying, for me, a great deal about human nature. You really enabled me to put-down some of my own thoughts as well -- though far from addicted to writing {I actually hate writing}.

Also a big mahalos for cluing me into "Science Daily". I basically read it for laughs {yes I got an odd sense of humor} but there is occasionally some really good stuff there. I guess I will have to work harder to get the most out of "Science Daily" and the rest of the internet now it will not be filtered through you on a near daily basis.

Looking forward to your meatier less often blogs.

A hui hou ...



Thanks, Dave. It's been fun.


Thanks, Dave. At least towards the end of your project, I was firmly in the thousand or so daily visitors. I've been fascinated, as many have, since the beginning of the Great Recession, in the idea of collapse. I, like you, have been amazed at the collective "meh" from humanity over our bleak prospects. I do see the yearning for and striving for confirmation bias by the multitudes who think "everything will be fine," or that another technological fix will come along and make everything better.

Most are so vested in the system through either wealth or debt, that envisioning something radically different or better is just not possible - it seems the methods of control are almost absolute with Chinese censorship not looking too entirely unlike our own state propaganda. Add to the mix a lot of prescription anti-depressants, and voila' - near zero civil unrest. It seems the role of government has, during the course of my life, morphed from helping the citizenry and providing them with facts, to the role of control mechanism - keeping the herd from cutting too hard in one direction or other, trampling many in the process.

I'm sorry your project did not give you more personal fulfillment Your effort did not go unnoticed, nor was it unappreciated. This collective insanity you describe in the end simply prevents people from engaging in what they see as an exercise in hopelessness. Perhaps the optimism bias in humans is our greatest strength, or was until we finally encounter real limits to growth. That's where we are now, just as Lester Brown charted for us in Building a Sustainable Society, which I read in college shortly after it was published in 1982. The fisheries have collapsed, as predicted, yet we cheerfully shift to some other poor species of fish, that was considered inedible back then. I guess the upshot is that we will go marching forward cheerfully towards our demise. The cognitive dissonance is already so great it hurts my head, but it's only going to get worse. Humanity would rather be cheerfully entertained, than give up a grain of comfort and lifestyle. Thanks for at least trying. It's all anyone can ask.


And in the same vein of Daves's finding on our collective insanity, I think everyone might enjoy Yves Smith's latest essay called - A Pox on Optimists.


Yours was a voice of reality. Thanks. Nuf said. Enjoy and be well.

Kevin Paulsen

Difficult to imagine a cold turkey withdrawal from DOTE!
I'll white knuckle it!
Looking forward to reading your future posts.
Good (luck?)


One other thought. You have indicated that you will leave up the blog and will be involved going forward. An idea: Is it possible that your blog could become a collective community of contributors (us) who might contribute as in a room of people with same mind?

This came to mind as suggestions of reading were offered - like in your posts from one of your readers. I can't imagine the energy and time it has taken for you to maintain this.

This is possibly, however, what you wanted all along. Just a thought.

Mike Roberts

Thanks, Dave.

I'm sure I see things differently from when you started this blog. It may not have seemed like you were achieving much, day to day, but the imperceptible changes you influenced, day by day, have probably accumulated to be very noticeable by the end of our time here.

Thanks, again, and I'll be watching out for more great writing from you.


My best day ever was 900 - up from an average of 300-400 depending on whether or not it was the weekend. That was on opitslinkfest.blogspot.ca which did hit 1,618,000...and was shuttered by DCMA games.
I almost lose track of the blogs - 2 years at opit.wordpress.com - archived for TSA ( WTF ? I know not ) Years more at My Opera Community and shares at Care 2 and Current TV ( can't do that any more either )
And so many 'lost' who decided not to tempt the authorities further and wiped their blogs. Glad you didn't. And...it's tough to set up shop elsewhere. Keep this open as when and if you might be tempted to get up on the soapbox. It's just too hard to get that sort of exposure otherwise. Hiatus is not always addictive either.


I hope you can find a way to enjoy the black comedy that doesn't wear you out the way writing this blog did. I will miss it greatly.

Take it easy.

Frank Furcsa

I was the right thing to do . Peak oil being dead it is back to business as usual . It was a scary prospect but it turned out not so there is no reason to discuss any further this issue . Well it was nice while it lasted .But now there is other things to do in the world business as usual

Mike M

I was lost until I found DOTE. Now I fear being lost again. Come back and see us again, Dave. We'll keep a light on for you.


I suck at this kind of stuff. Thanks Dave. It's been a learning experience, and I feel like I've grown as a person reading your blog.

Tony Weddle

I hope this gets through, as I was banned some time ago. I continued reading and learned a lot. Thanks for all the hard work. You say it was easy but it sure seems like a lot of work to me.

Thanks again.


Here's hoping:

Again, thanks a bunch. Reading this blog was like finding a gold dubloon in the bottom of an outhouse.


Thank you Dave, take good care.

Compound F

Because we are only throwing horseshoes and hand-grenades, I am "totally comfortable" with your assessment of human nature; that being shitty, often selfish actors is our human obligation; but also true, is an obligatory perception of beauty. Doesn't matter if it's the cowboy's appreciation of a straight-posted barbed-wire fence, a mathematician's proof, or a song sung beyond the genius of the sea. So, on our way out, let's not forget that other obligatory passion. I say, let's go out with a tincture of grace, even the smallest measure imaginable, since I accept your argument that that is not enough.

I'm looking forward to any monthly or other periodical of your thinking henceforth.


Dave - Thanks for all your work over these past 42 months. With the level of substance involved, I don't know how you could have posted such interesting material virtually everyday over the past 3.5 years. That's quite an impressive commitment!

I'm just a few years younger than you, Dave, and in 2008 I began to seriously study many of the issues you began to cover on DOTE. I read some of your stuff on other websites before, and then I discovered I believe in 2010 or 2011 that you had started DOTE. It was great because I found someone that was not afraid to confront head on the truly negative prospects staring us all right in the face. I had been more hopeful that perhaps if enough ordinary folk could work together, and get educated about what we face, maybe people power could one day wrest control from the elite fuck-ups, and guide the planet in a more salvageable direction. I've learned from you that I better temper any residual idealism in this regard. It doesn't have a chance because most people are just simply too lost, and have no balls. To be honest, it's been really depressing trying to fully come to terms with this reality. The track we're on was not the world I was raised to expect.

Anyway,Dave, thanks for all the great information over the past few years, and all articulated in your own inimitable style. It's been illuminating, and has made me feel less alone. I don't feel like I'm crazy anymore thinking that most people are insane in this world.

What will you do with all your free time?! I'll check back in September to see what you've got cooking. Enjoy the rest of your summer, Dave, and take care.


Thank you, Dave.



JFC. I will mis DotE.

I hope you will be well, Dave.


Cheers Dave.


Good luck Dave


Thank you Dave for all the great articles. I will miss your humor and insight tremendously. Good luck to whatever you decide to do next.

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