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Malcolm Kettering

Well, that's really depressing Dave. I will make a contribution since I have been reading for a while and haven't contributed yet.


Dave - On behalf of the inHuman Race, I apologise for the fact that your devotion to telling the truth about "us" is falling on deaf ears, except for the few who listen intently to you.

One by one, the lights have been going out. Schopenhauer, Gandhi, George Carlin, Kurt Vonnegut... and now, it seems, Dave Cohen's DOTE. If there's any way you can keep up the fight, despite all the stresses and lack of resources, the world would be a better place for anyone with the ability to think rationally (clearly a small number).

Perhaps move to twice-weekly postings or every other day, to lower the pain? I hope as many of us as possible find the means to donate, and soon.

Courage, mon ami.


I don't know what to say other than that I do not want to lose my morning hit of DOTE. But I'm just one follower, and it's a selfish wish.

Leonard Cohen wrote that 'There is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in." I've always felt like you're the one to kick at the darkness, relentlessly, making cracks and shining the light in, and daring people not to flinch. Something drives you, and it's a rare thing.

Us odd birds need to stick together, but there's not so many of us, it seems.

Don't stop writing, unless that's what you want. Even if you have to scream into a mostly uncaring world, don't stop if you have words to say.


Please don't stop writing. I don't comment but I read faithfully.

Daniel Garcia

Stop? Why? Sure it's depressing when we don't have instant recognition, but reality doesn't work this way. Perhaps decades or hundred years from now, when humanity will live thru a very hard time, someone will discover what you wrote and will use to help them understand their situation (you can count there will be people trying to hide the truth). But if this is stressing your finances then I don't think it's wrong to be selfish and stop it. Altruism is stupid. Remember Thomas Paine: he was the main inspiration to the birth of your country, but soon he was reviled and forgotten. Yet, today, he inspires me to cope with all this madness.


Dave, your blog means a lot to me. I've been meaning to contribute financially but I'm also pretty tight at the moment with a family to support.
You're right, DOTE is unique and I cherish it. You've had a big impact on me and the way I look at the world. In some strange way I find some solace in DOTE, an oasis of sanity surrounded by cognitive dissonance. Please carry on posting, you're providing humanity a much needed (if thankless) service.

Dave Cohen


There is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in

I like that line, but how much light gets in depends on the size of the crack, doesn't it?

-- Dave


That's why we keep kicking.

Dave Cohen

Well, Rumor,

I'm not sure why I was put on God's formerly Green Earth, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't so I could bang my head against a wall until I pass out.

-- Dave


It's up to you whether you /want/ to keep kicking, but you of course understand that it's its own reward. I don't need to tell you about human nature and how it's not going to change, but I hold that there's much to be said for not going gently into the night.

I understand how frustrating this situation is. All my words can't allay the facts giving rise to that frustration. We are in a similar situation in that regard, perhaps.

You asked what I would do, and I would write as long as my desire to speak my mind outweighed my depression at it all. And then I would write a little longer because I won't fucking throw in the towel when I have anger and truth to put to words. I would have real trouble living with that. Maybe I would eventually run of steam; maybe that's where you are.

But if you /can/ bring yourself to keep writing, do it. Do not go gentle.

If I can't /afford/ it, though, well then priorities intervene. That's a much more problematic issue, and I wouldn't counsel you to put yourself in jeopardy on account of the rest of us. I feel guilty already, having said what I said.

Life's a bitch, that way.

Helicopter Cheese

Dave - you need to write a book.

You could easily piece together a book from all the articles you've already written on this blog. Maybe add some extra commentary for "context". Self-publish or e-book if you need to - there's plenty of options these days.

I dunno why, but people seem to notice writers who have condensed their thought into book form - it gives them a hook to quote from.

You can also amuse yourself designing your own cover.

Mike Roberts

Well, that's one of the few things you get wrong: "DOTE would not be missed." There are plenty here who would miss it.

Ray Blaak

Are you able to structure things to be as cheap as possible, so that at least the expense is not onerous? E.g. what about putting up DOTE at blogger.com?


you would definitely be missed. do what you have to do to pay the bills, but keep writing.

Kevin Paulsen

People who think they know something believe that—

anthropogenic climate change is the problem
or, peak oil is the problem
or degradation of marine ecosystems is the problem,
or ... something else

WE(Homo sapiens) are the "something else!"
Please keep it going Dave.
Selfishly yours,


I'm surprised you're able to keep up this level of activity daily.

If you're writing for yourself, I'd say keep it up. If you're writing for us, I'm not so sure. Pearls before swine and all that. We're in an era of rolling crises. I'd put myself in the middle of the next one and try to divine if I'd regret not keeping a running tally of events for reference. Sometimes, it's hard to believe that people were soooooo stupid, belligerent and intentionally obtuse during the "good" times, especially when they're so pleadingly earnest in the middle of an emergency saying things like "what do I do??? ... Please tell me what to do!!! How could this happen? Why meeeee???"


it's spring; everyone is outdoors...

my highest blog traffic months are january, december, march and february, in that order...

maybe you should seasonally adjust your blog stats, and quote an annualized number; that always makes government numbers look better when things are going badd..

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