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Ken Barrows

How about $5,000,000 to study how humans can emulate the low energy consumption of a non-robotic jellyfish by decreasing our metabolic rate? Nah.


Can Robot Bees Replace Real Ones? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT8DYfH5w-c

The potential military application is terrifying.


These are just another form of robotic drone. Not really that impressive.

The talk of payload and duration of operation indicates it is almost certainly being developed for weaponization.

Dave Cohen

Nice one, Ben.

-- Dave

Adam Noel

In regards to the robot bees, do we even understand the intricacies of pollination well enough to use a robot to do it? I'm betting (if the technology takes off) we'll neglect some important factor that we can't conceive of (Oh wait, I'm conceiving of it but I'm not an expert right right) and just create new problems for ourselves to solve.

Go humans!


Considering the number of jellyfish that wash up on beaches, wouldn't it be more efficient to simply put the robot jellyfish on the beaches in the first place? From there, they could surreptitiously upload sunbathing pics to twitter, which is clearly one of the most critical human activities not directly involved in destroying stuff.

Helicopter Cheese

I'm intrigued by the mouth/anus combination on real jellyfish.

That is something I feel we can replicate without technology.


So, the Empire's military industrial machine experiments with aquatic drone warfare.

Meanwhile, a real sea creature continues to meet its maker, courtesy of Homo insatiabilis:




"understand the intricacies of pollination"

Hmm, you're over thinking, but don't worry I have the perfect product for you my friend:

MinusIQ! http://youtu.be/z9pD_UK6vGU

Product summary: It’s no secret that morons and idiots are the majority of the world’s population. They’re not suddenly going to get smarter, or start acting reasonably. It’s you who will have to change. You’re in the minority. We have developed a pill, which depending upon active ingredient concentration can reduce a persons IQ permanently.

We have Minus 10, Minus 30, and strongest Minus 50. But why should I consider lowering it, you might ask? Because life is easier and the world is a much happier place when you are dumb. Wouldn’t you like that?

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