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Available Light

Who is still taken in by the kitsch figure of Bob Z? He's fake. Everything about him is fake. His name is fake. I don't need a Jewish troubadour any more than I need a Jewish messiah.

Alexander Ač

Hello Dave, thanks for bringing up this study! Main author of the study Ranga Myneni of Boston University also runs this project:




Dave Cohen


I want you to note the comment of Martin H, who has been banned for obvious reasons.

That's the kind of thing I will not tolerate on DOTE.

Furthermore, the possibility that I could suspend all comments was broached on yesterday's post.

I won't do that for some good reasons. However, some humans seem to think they have some God-given right to express their loathsome or ignorant or crazy opinions about anything anywhere on the internet.

I'm here to tell you, that "right" does not exist, it never has, and it never will, at least on DOTE.

-- Dave


I remember as a kid driving from Minneapolis to Winnipeg with my dad. I remember it was a winter night and the light from the city glistened off the snow covered prairie, visible for at least an hour before we arrived. It was much colder than Minneapolis. Interesting the changes.

John D. Wheeler

Thanks for bringing that study to our attention, Dave. Do you know of any similar ones that cover how climate change is interacting with plant cover in lower latitudes through desertification? Or how either of these are affecting global net primary productivity?


As the grain belt moves into Canada and the Midwest becomes a desert, there will be a lot of changes in North America. As the permafrost melts releasing the methane trapped there, and the Alaska pipeline sinks into the soil causing leaks, It will all become more and more obvious. Climate change is real.

I have some personal observations of this in PA. When I was a kid (the 50s & 60s, I lived in the south central part of PA. I remember most winters had frequent drifting snows that piled up and closed roads for days at a time and sometimes weeks. Now for snow to drift, it needs to be a 'dry' snow produced in very cold temperatures so that it doesn't stick together. Nights in the minus degrees F. were also common. Minus 20 being the record that I remember from that area.

Since then, I remember fewer and fewer 'dry' snows and more and more heavy, wet, slushy snows. Before I moved to the Philippines 5 years ago, I remember mostly freezing rain or just rain. I know that is not 'scientific' proof, but it is an obvious sign of change just over those 50 years.

Alexander Ač


try Skeptical Science for starters:



ralph m

I'm struck by the irony of the last two posts back to back: global warming is causing the northern, especially high arctic climate to disappear, and with it will go all of the flora and fauna that cannot adapt to the hotter new normal, and yet, along comes Stewart Brand's loony notion of resurrecting extinct animal species. His opinion piece in National Geographic features a couple of wooly mammoth pictures....so where the hell is that mammoth going to live after it's resurrected? http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/03/130311-deextinction-reviving-extinct-species-opinion-animals-science/

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