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"There is such a thing in this country called justice."

Justice, died [unknown]. RIP.


It's jsut remarkable to me that the engine is so hot again and based on what? What possible good news or any real reason is it running so high again? Manufacturing and jobs are nonexistent, no one is really spending, those guys are just chasing their tails trying to make a dime off a bet that the country goes down is all I can figure. Not much more time left. When it swings high/low/high so erratically and without clear reason, something very bad is going to happen.


We're just flat out fucked, aren't we?

Alexander Ač


well yes:

"Robert Shiller will continue to be wishy-washy. Steve Keen will say it's definitely a bubble. Everybody will be smiling on CNBC." -- and arctic sea ice will continue to crack:

http://neven1.typepad.com/blog/2013/03/crack-is-bad-for-you-and-sea-ice.html#more - but who cares, seriously?



Alexander Ač

For those interested as Dave wrote recently, here is the 20 000 years of global warming hockey stick - Marcott+Shakun by dutch blogger:




John D

I think people's innate belief in the myth of perpetual growth and the oscillating upward curve of the stock market is so strong that they overlook little details like facts. They're brains are wired differently.


It's all fiction and fraud.

If they stop printing new money then they can still charge rent on the money already in circulation, all the money in existence.

If they continue to print money they can continue to outright steal purchasing power through sequestered inflation (consistent record profits year on end are a sure sign of sequestered inflation).

They basically print their own future profits each time they extend a loan.

Our monetary system is thinly disguised serfdom.

Meanwhile, the clueless right wingers are worried shitless about the debt ceiling.

As if the debts meant anything, anything at all.

As if all the debts to the banks aren't onerous and fictitious.

As if they can't be all wiped out at the stroke of a pen or the debt be transferred to the government with the interest annulled.

The whole system is predicated on the lie that the same money can exist in two places at once, both in the depositors' and the debtors' (or the seller they bought from's) account. That is how they brainwash the masses of morons from childhood on to accept legal counterfeiting of electronic money or a rent on all money in circulation.

Never follow through. Never ask or think about maturity mismatch.

Just believe in the "free markets".

When it's really all just make believe.

Nothing whatsoever to do with the real economy or real value.

They've succeeded in making money meaningless and pointless as money.

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