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How long until Goldman Sachs creates a climate change super derivative (Yahoo ticker symbol: GSCCSD)? And then we need folks to bet against those bets, so we get the static climate swap (SCS), which is based on the idea that the deniers are right and climate change is overblown, and all those bets on the climate to change will come up short. Bullish on mass extinctions? Vegas oddsmakers give over-unders on the survival of your favorite species.

Someone will need to write about all this, so I'll send a PM to Michael Lewis who can pen "Moneydrought" or "The Big Famine" or some such bestseller on how a green geek beat the traditionalists for major profits and changed the game. Harvard Undersea Business School will have special case study seminars on how to profit from such global disasters when/if they occur on colonized Mars. These are truly the best of times.


"Nothing I could add would..."

Well, I can add another bonus video...


(Here's the version with SRV)...


Oh, Dave - belated best wishes. I have 5 years on you...sorry, but,

"It just keeps getting worse and worse, doesn't it?" Grady Seasons


Do you know those candid camera type of TV programs, where audience laughter accompanies clips of kids and adults and animals falling over or being knocked over and surely hurting themselves?

The people who have the empty heart to laugh at such misfortune are the same lazy unthinking species who treat planet-wide misfortune as a gleeful opportunity for selfish aggrandizement.

As I am temporarily here by mistake, this is so painful to witness, but there is an upside. The higher the house of cards is stacked, the sooner the edifice will fall. Then those fake dollars really will be worthless. Eventually, evolution will come up with another configuration, with or without genus Homo.

And another chapter of moronic human conduct gets a fanfare today:




No end to those chapters...




Futurama (at 2:55)--

"Aquacopters search the ocean floor to find miles deep, vast fields of precious minerals and ores. And in the deepest trenches of the seas, study at first hand, long hidden secrets of survival."


Dave Cohen


Yes, I saw in the local newspaper that Japan had successfully exploited methane hydrates.

An Energy Coup for Japan: Flammable Ice


"Jogmec estimates that the surrounding area in the Nankai submarine trough holds at least 1.1 trillion cubic meters, or 39 trillion cubic feet, of methane hydrate, enough to meet 11 years’ worth of gas imports to Japan.

A separate rough estimate by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has put the total amount of methane hydrate in the waters surrounding Japan at more than 7 trillion cubic meters, or what researchers have long said is closer to 100 years’ worth of Japan’s natural gas needs."

Lately, I could post a story like today's every day.

-- Dave


@Diogenes @JohnWDB

Argh. Why do we have words like 'foresight' and 'precaution' in the dictionary? These are redundant terms for just about every sorry member of the human race.


Yes, every damn day.


John D

I sometimes wonder if things will reach a point before things give way where it actually dawns on folks what mankind has collectively done; where pretty much most of mankind realizes that they are screwed and that nothing they can do will change things. Where talk shows are not blabbering on any more about 'growth' but are sitting around lamenting how wrong they were. A collective 'oh shit' if you will. Or will things collapse with most people still not having a friggin' clue?

Alexander Ač

Dave, you mean this?




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