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John D

Dave, One of your best articles. Looking back at the changes occurring around 1980, I remember that somehow Reagan channelled the Iranian hostage rescue fiasco into a denunciation of all things Carter represented- in particular his call for sacrifice in reducing energy use. From that point on, shared sacrifice and questioning America's assumed righteousness seemed unpatriotic and certain to cost you an election. Maybe it would have been a different world if the hostage rescue attempt was a great success? Probably not, but one wonders.


"Awesome Power...Edward Bernays and more modern persuasion techniques"

A real understanding of this is essential to reach/enter/achieve higher level perspectives/views on anything. Whatever size the reality bubble you live in there's another larger one - without end. Hope you don't mind some links to required viewing on this:

Century of the Self by Adam Curtis - Bernays...

Follow up with Frontline's The Persuaders by Douglas Rushkoff - especially the last half which covers Rapaille & Luntz...

"My theory is very simple: The reptilian always wins. I don't care what you're going to tell me intellectually. I don't care. Give me the reptilian. Why? Because the reptilian always wins." Clotaire Rapaille

Thanks, Dave - you were really on a roll last summer.


I can't for the death of me (surely some mistake - Ed.) understand why those bozos on the NYT or WSJ don't give you a regular column - if only to allow their know-all readers to throw balsamic-vinegared beef tomatoes at you from their ivory towers.

Probably wouldn't do much good, and also bring you closer to the notice of the lurking surveillers, but I for one would be overjoyed if you got a paycheck to compensate you for the time you devote to composing the most meaningful essays on How-It-Really-Is that I have found.

Aboc Zed

I really like the re-print feature.
I am a regular reader but sopmehow I must have missed to read the original posting.
It is very nice to get it over this second pass.

Dave Cohen

@Aboc Zed

Re: the reprint feature

Yes, this is my way of easing my workload, and giving myself the opportunity to clean up some old work. That paves the way toward publishing a collection of my posts in book form.

To Oliver's point, that book will never be published by a mainstream house, nor will I ever be offered any kind of book contract by anybody.

Let me tell you how this will end -- I will eventually quit publishing this blog, either on my own or due to circumstances beyond my control. At that point, my work will languish and eventually disappear. I will keep an archive of course, and will maintain the domain for a while, and might even self-publish if that seems like something which is worth my time. If self-publishing strikes me as too much work, or seems otherwise pointless, my work on DOTE will never surface again.

The future will generally play out the way I said it would, but nobody outside a few DOTE regulars will remember the things I said here. As with all things, memories will fade, and destiny (fate) will be fulfilled. That is the nature of tragedy.

-- Dave


Thanks, Dave. I don't think that meeting the Reaper with wit and panache persuades him (or her) to relent but it's definitely a great service for the rest of us. Still, for all that it might be futile, I'd rather continue to fight the bastards than rely on bourbon for my only consolation. You know...fracking, pipelines, etc., all that shit: exhausting but sometimes exhilarating.


It just struck me that one could model the situation in a way that accounts both for the cycles witnessed up until now and the decline (or "end of history" in the way it's used in your article) which has become ever more prominent lately.

The physical equivalent that comes to mind is the oscilating amplitude of the pendulum which needs a constant input of energy to overcome friction and keep it going (the cycles in our case).
If that energy input diminishes (perhaps increasing energy cost in our case) then the oscilation gradually moves to a smaller swinging amplitude that can be sustained by the now smaller external force. Of course in our case we would not only have to account for friction, but for a pendulum that is getting heavier as well (growth); by adding the "fattening" of the pendulum to our differential equation a constant external force is no longer sufficient to sustain swinging amplitude - only an equally increasing force (technological innovation in our case) will do the job.

Thus, at least one of two things has to happen for the pendulum to sustain its operation (at any swinging amplitude that may be):
1) lose weight
2) increase external force
Otherwise it eventually stops swinging and is no longer a pendulum(paradigm shift).

Keep rolling that rock Sisyphus...

NB: Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful.

Ray Blaak

To Oliver's point, that book will never be published by a mainstream house, nor will I ever be offered any kind of book contract by anybody.

You don't need them, mainstream publishers are dead, they just don't quite believe it yet.

Self publishing an e-book to Amazon, Kobo or Smashwords is now a viable and reasonably straightforward thing to do. You just need to hire a cover artist and a proof reader/editor. They can be found and hired for reasonable rates, or maybe you have good friends who can help.


Global financial capitalism and neoliberalism ends in bullshit. That's how it ends. It will suffocate in what it creates.

And at some point in the not too distant future (in historical terms), humans will realize they have alot of gadgets but no water, food, electricity, or fuel.

And then it ends.

Dave Cohen

@Ray Blaak

I want to thank you for your recent contribution to DOTE. I will send you an e-mail.

That said, my motivation to spend my time & money to self-publish a book of my work is what?????

-- Dave

Dave Cohen


Thanks, we didn't know that.

-- Dave


memories may fade but the truth will never fade away.

Ray Blaak

God knows I couldn't write a book of any kind. Whether or not you can or will is up to you of course.

But you mentioned: Yes, this is my way of easing my workload, and giving myself the opportunity to clean up some old work. That paves the way toward publishing a collection of my posts in book form.

My only point was that if not finding a publisher is your main obstacle to realizing that, well, that is not actually an obstacle anymore these days.

You pretty much just need to make the document and upload. The cover art and editing parts is about the modest effort to make it more salable and having another pair of eyes to check the work.


dave,am i allowed to post here? I found this post one of the best i ever read.
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