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Yes Dave - for my part, previous worry has mutated past angst into utter weariness with my fellow "man".

As if further proof was required for the impossibility of any change to "our" behavior, look at this abject failure dressed up as success in protecting the oceans:


Phased in ... certain exemptions ... later debate about how it will work ... what a load of bollocks, as they say in these parts.

John D

I took a cruise once, and it boggled my mind how you could sail for days, scan the horizon and not see another single ship. To think that we are on our way to destroying something so utterly vast is unbelievable.


The vast oceans contain a lot of areas comparable to deserts on land where there is not a whole lot going on biologically.
It is not a huge and seething soup of life and is far more fragile and susceptible to disruption and destruction than it looks.
That's part of it's (and our) problem.

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