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I watch trends in the major media to see pretty much all there is to see about the United States. We are truly an Idiocracy, and even if there were genuine solutions to the problems at hand, our citizenry and leadership are nowhere even close to being capable of handling it.

How else can one explain the fact that Oscar Pistorius has led all the headlines for the past week? Here's an example, but there are countless others:

The article itself is worthless - it's a jumble of mixed messages and sound bites from Boehner. Look at the 'Most Popular' section on the right column. Today's number one story is 'PS4 gets skewered in animated parody'. Number two is Pistorius, number three is 'Laura Bush asks to be removed from pro-gay marriage ad', and number four is 'Monster goldfish found in Lake Tahoe'.

The conspiracist in me wants to think the media is intentionally distracting from the real problems we face. But I think it's mostly a matter of the capitalist system at work (but I don't give the media a pass, Chomsky is best on why) - the media is providing Americans the product they want. The vast majority prefer BS over substance, and a great example was your comparing the views on a Bieber video to the Extinction video yesterday.

Alexander Ač

Well, here is ONE: "America's Baby Bust" - written by Mr. Last :-)

The nation's falling fertility rate is the root cause of many of our problems. And it's only getting worse.


It is hardly possible to get things more wrong (ass backwards) than this... maybe only Matt Ridley would outperform!




Here's another sign of the times, and it's very troubling indeed.

Russia has accused the United States of double standards regarding terrorist attacks, referring to the Americans blocking a Security Council statement condemning a car bombing in Damascus.


The US counters this accusation. "We strongly condemn all indiscriminate terrorist attacks against civilians or against diplomatic facilities," said Erin Pelton, spokeswoman for the U.S. mission to the UN.

With this tough-to-take news, I don't know how I'll ever cope, living in a world where the glorious nation of the USA operates by double standards ;-)

Dave Cohen


Yeah, this Pistorius thing is a splendid example of a media feeding frenzy to pacify the masses.

And I think "pacify" is truly the operative word here :-)

-- Dave


And I nearly choked on my lunchtime bowl of cereal (life sure is hard in these troubling times) when I stumbled across this shocking news:


I quote: "Cardinal Keith O'Brien said it was clear many priests struggled to cope with celibacy, and should be able to marry and have children."

Many priests struggle to cope with celibacy? Jeez ... now that's a fucking revelation.

John D

Maybe this is an easy layup, but here's an article about how Harrisburgy PA is developing sinkholes from water pipes that have been leaking for years. Of course the city can't afford to pay to fix them.



This is simply wonderful.
I don't know what is more worrying/hilarious: the fact that the husband of the defendant could, by now, have been the deputy Prime Minister; or the brilliant ineptitude shown by a jury of her peers?


Great stuff!


Headless chicken solution envisions Matrix-style farming.

We don't need no stinkin' cage free when we can have brain free chicken farms!


Mike Roberts

The Dow Jones managed to squeeze past 14,000 again, and other stock markets rose accordingly. What was the trigger for reversing recent losses? Who knows; all I could find was bad economic news apart from Singapore's growth exceeding estimates. Yep, I suppose that would do it.


Meh, this about sums it up:



Here's an actual good one:


We're slamming into the cost-effective limits of medical technology and pharmacotherapies, despite the claims of this glib article, bereft of actual data. They claim rate of discovery has been stable for 40 years, but they neglect to mention that the rate of funding has skyrocketed. There are stories about robotic arms that a quadriplegic may control with his brain. Fortunately, it would only cost a few mil per person. The days of highly effective, low cost medical breakthroughs is well past, and to continue to innovate requires increasingly energy/time/cost intensive projects, such that resulting discoveries developments will never be able to help regular people. Medical scientists continue to be excited about "tailored" treatments for cancer, gene therapies, implantable brain stimulators, all conceivable treatments for the absurdly wealthy in the future.

Frank Furcsa

The problems will all go away we will be living on mars soon ....


lol it is only a matter of time until we begin to move to other planets. It is 100% guarenteed. Just a matter of time.


People just don't understand energy.

Even intelligent people I talk to don't understand it. To them, energy might as well be something that just grows on trees, like money.

To be fair, we still have alot of it, and we aren't going to "run out" anytime soon. But people may begin to notice as things increasingly become dysfunctional.

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