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Alexander Ač


U.S.A. is NOT alone in this - right now victory of Beppe Grillo (who wants to grill bankers and quit/referendum on euro) - will mean the end of Eurozone! :-) What is the difference?

And European thought everything is fine till ITA elections!




It is interesting how different groups and individuals are reacting to it. One thing can be counted on - almost no one will point out the obvious (as you have here).

One of the more humorous responses I've seen is here:

In not unrelated news, I saw this article this morning and did a double-take. I thought I had switched to the Onion without realizing it:


Based on the Law of Diminishing Returns, the top-down deployment of single-topic-per-week hype to keep the US population pacified and buying Big Macs requires increasing levels of shock value. By this accounting, I predict that the MSM will announce an alien landing in DC sometime in April, followed by a horrific new dress malfunction by Kim Kardassian (sic) in July.


I find it fascinating that the amount of *annual* proposed cuts is exactly equivalent to the *monthly* amount the Fed is printing to buy worthless MBS as part of QE infinitum, yet we are to instructed to panic over one and ignore the other. Government borrowing and Fed printing are not dissimilar, as they're both a tax on middle class, retirees, and future generations. Ironically, Republicans in seeking slow to this charade by some minimal degree, are portrayed as evil blood-suckers with no regard for the middle class, retirees, and future generations. Unfortunately, their total disregard for military budget in the 2000's (not that this is entirely different from the Democrats' militarism) knocks their austerity legs out from under them.

One thing's for sure--Obama has been spectacular at spinning both the fiscal cliff and the sequester in terms of public opinion. He is one of the most ineffectual presidents of the last century, but he may be the best spinmeister, and that's saying something. I can't think of another president who could get applauded by greens just for mentioning the environment, when he only brought it up to say that he's not going to do anything at all about it. I can't imagine anyone else saying "toughest Wall Street reforms in history" with a straight face while either arm is around a Wall Street crony. I can't imagine any Democrat not just getting away with doubling down on militarism/detainment, but being seen as an anti-interventional peacekeeper to boot. Surely his is the most ironic Nobel Prize in history.

John D

I guarantee you that if the sequester goes through, every reporter in the country will go scouring the land next week trying to find a kid that missed their vaccination shot, or some senior that missed their meals on wheels dinner; due to the sequester. We can call it 'Save America Week'.

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