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But she spells it with a K not a C!

That makes all the difference, especially in the conservative 1st district of Virginia.

Also, the drone strikes will continue until morale improves.

Bill McDonald

A slut expects to be taken seriously. Really?

Dave Cohen


Now, let's be careful with that "slut" word. Krystal is not a prostitute, she is a host at MSNBC.

On the other hand, she makes a living by kissing the asses of the powerful, a group she sought to join by running for Congress in 2010.

It is only in this second sense that the word "slut" applies. But Ezra Klein of the Washington Post is also a slut, and so are thousands of other sycophants just like him (or her) which we could name.

Let's keep the sexism, intended or not, out of this.

-- Dave

Alexander Ač

Speaking of making parody of MSM, here is another fish to fry. Jane Goodall (who a like and respect), but consider this:

“I haven’t been more than two or three weeks in one place at one time,” for the past 25 years, she says.

and then this: “We’ve just been stealing, stealing, stealing from our children, and it’s shocking. But is it true that there’s nothing that can be done? No absolutely not,” she goes on, explaining how her latest project, Roots and Shoots, began.


Ok, try to make a bigger parody! :-)


Dave Cohen

Re: Jane Goodall on climate change and saving the great apes

At 78, Goodall, who has 53 years of studying chimps behind her, is still criss-crossing the planet to raise the awareness of populations and their leaders on the fate of the apes and the need to protect the environment...

“When I first came to Africa and I flew over Kilimanjaro, even in the height of the summer there was a great cap of snow. The snows of Kilimanjaro,” she recalled.

“I just read the other day that we should rather be talking about the dusts of Kilimanjaro. That is just one signal and this is all around the world that the glaciers are melting,” she went on.

For Goodall, one of the world’s leading chimpanzee experts, “something has gone wrong” in the relationship between man and the planet.

-- Dave

Julian Bond

Yup, It's Krystal Klear (tm).

Stop it. You're killing me.


Found this. It's a pretty accurate depiction of how 'news' is portrayed these days:


Jeez ... am I the only one who needs a shot of Vodka after listening to Ball?


I could care less about her sexual antics, and the fact that making cheezy sex photos was cause of her not being elected and not her support for killing children half a world away is a sad commentary on what people think matters.

As for Afghanistan and Pakistan, I've long since concluded that the only ones who can stop the Taliban are the people who live there, and they haven't yet reached the point where they are ready to do that. Just as we in the west have not reached the point where we are willing to bring to justice bankers, CEOs, and politicians who break laws - not even if they run money for cartels and terrorists.

It seems to me that human beings must have a fundamental instinct to follow sociopaths.


Hey check this one out, I just did a Checklist of Governments in Terminal Decline (kind of stolen from Simon Black)

http://oahutrading.blogspot.com/2013/02/checklist-for-government- in-terminal.html

Alexander Ač

Ok, one more thing here (from last year):

"If I had a role in Occupy Wall Street, it was to try to push the climate issue," Klein said. She told me about Yotam Marom, one of the many OWS organizers she's met in New York. "Yotam, who's an amazing organizer, was one of the more resistant" to integrating climate into his worldview, she said. Not that he didn't think it's important, "but he just couldn't find a way to connect." She's found this fairly typical.

"But he said something so insightful," she told me. "When he thinks about why he was resistant, he realized that if he accepted the reality of climate change, truly accepted it into his body, his soul, then he would have to drop everything he was doing. And he doesn't want to drop everything he's doing."

and the point why I am posting this here comes next:

What Klein is trying to say to those like Marom is that they don't have to drop everything. "In fact," she said, "you need to do it even more."


hm... well, till you die.


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