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deeper mysteries...

“Like apes, we breed, sleep, and die. Yet like God we say, "I am." We are ontological oxymorons.” Peter Kreeft

Lov'n it Dave - thanks

Dave Cohen

Well, Diogenes, I am aware that you know exactly what I'm up to on DOTE, whereas I suspect that many others are still a little hazy about this little project of mine, which to my knowledge is unique on the internet.

But you are not alone in this respect, and I do appreciate that.


-- Dave


Dave - Here's my take. If everyone was like you in brain function, we'd have created a completely different existence on this small piece of rock orbiting an average star in a peripheral arm of the galaxy. And the above specimen genotypes would as a minimum be extinct.

Alternatively, if everyone was like the specimens you present to us today, then your blog of interpretive writings wouldn't exist and you and all the rest of us would be fucking people over like the best of 'em.

Whether BAM (Brain Activity Map) is any better than BAMM-BAMM (Rubble) in detecting the reasons for the differences between you and these specimens, my rational conclusion is that there must be at least two species of human walking the planet today.

This thesis has been growing in my own brain every time I listen closely to great music. Surely there is no way Miles Davis and Lloyd Blankfein are one and the same species! (Both bring tears to my eyes, but for wholly different reasons.)


"...unique on the internet."

Only place I can set down my lantern and rest a while.

And I surely do appreciate that.

Muchas Gracias, Amigo

John D

Great article! Love how you describe Freidman (the lights are on....). I'm pretty sure he writes his column with a random word generator that spits out a country, a technology and a blurb about worldwide growth and competitiveness that his assistant forms into a column.

I do find that the more I learn about the brain and its inner workings, the less I believe in free will. A bit creepy in a way. Maybe some things are best left to the imagination, particularly when the government will most likely have to cut social programs to pay for this.


Calling the replication of the workings of brains, such as those you so wittily have presented in this piece, artificial intelligence is a disrespect to Alan Turing the least.

I prefer we never achieve such a degree of computation if that is our benchmark for intelligence - otherwise instead of simply cranking out solutions computers will start spitting out self-serving delusional bullshit as well...

Charlie Thornton

Humans are astonishing fuck-ups because they don't think they are. A little humility may save the species, but it won't happen since they are not inclined towards it.

Aboc Zed

Why should we want to save the species of f***-**s?

If they are destined to go extinct - so be it. It does not mean that evolution of life stops: it is almost certain that while homo sapiens sapiens dies off an off-shoot of it evolves the capability to survive.

Of course it would have to be on many dimensions a step forward compared to homo sapiens.

Nature does not care about homo sapiens odr anything else. Life simply keeps on going, the web of life changes constantly: some species die others thrive and take over the freed up space and resources.

Death is the best invention of Life: it clears the space and provides building blocs to be recycled by the part of life's networked web that keeps on going.

Georgia Meyers

Thank you for this post, Dave.The look on Krugmans face is priceless.I laughed out loud.


Dave - this is priceless. Please continue to spin your (justifiable) angst into further comedy gold - the last refuge of the hopelessly aware on this journey of epic destruction.


Ditto what Lou said, but truthfully I fear the social engineering aspect behind this new "science" project.

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