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What an interesting slogan--"You know it's real". I'd heard it before but never pondered its meaning. With so much fake stuff out there, at least you know what you're getting with us. Wouldn't you rather pay $3.99 for cod than $24.99 for cod that's called "red snapper"? Yes, I think I would.

It seems so long as there is fish of some sort, there will be those who *offer* fish of all sorts, which to me raises the question of why we are fishing for vanishingly scarce snappers and groupers and roughies and mackerels at all. Surely we can more cheaply factory farm some sort of grain-fed white fish, serve it up with a pseudonym, a squirt of I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Béarnaise and a few asparagus spears, and find plenty of takers.


Soon, like the future of Demolition Man, where all restaurants are Taco Bells (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFiDoOgRTpk), all fish will simply be "cod" (or "tuna" or pick your favorite soon-to-be extinct fish species)....

and the beat rolls on...


What's happened across Europe - horsemeat deliberately mislabeled and sold as beef - has gone on for years, and I'm sure the same type of fraud is standard practice in the USA and everywhere else.

Why does anyone believe anything told to them, when money is involved? Why does anyone believe that government departments responsible for managing food safety and consumer protection will actually ensure food safety or consumer protection? These 'public' officials are in the sway (i.e. in the pay) of lobbyists for big business. And as we all know, from Bhopal to Washington nuclear waste facilities, we never get the truth when money is involved.

John D

The other part of this problem is I would love to find out if the fish I am eating is from the ocean, or a fish farm. From what I understand, the fish farms are starting to use antibiotics just like cattle and chicken farmers, to prevent disease from spreading in the enclosed environment.


I bet this has been going on for quite a long time. Dogs, cats, horses, mislabeled fish. In a few decades, if the semi-affluent populations are to increase as predicted, soylent green might not seem so far-fetched (and mad man disease will be right around the corner).

Insatiable multiplying omnivores - gotta love em.


Once we reduce the oceans to a lifeless, oxygen-deprived, chemical and radiation soaked casserole, where, exactly, are all these fish going to be farmed?
Not on land as all that will be needed to grow fuel and soya. Where does that leave? Space? Mars, maybe?

It's all downhill from here on in.

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