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John D. Wheeler

I love the Barron's hype-line: "Dow SMASHES Through 14000 Level". I'll bet if people were looking at the Dow in terms of the number of ounces of gold they could buy, they would have no cause to rejoice. Unless of course they owned gold.


The stock market is becoming increasingly divorced from anything that matters to average Americans. Well, except the fact their taxes will go to funding its "recovery" and any minuscule amount of savings they have will be inflated away in the next years.


The video is sobering. I and millions of others are on the verge of repeating these scenes, this time in glorious 41 megapixel color.

Alexander Ač


Bark beetles threatening more than just lodgepole pines - extremely well written arcitle full of sobering facts... highly recommended for those interested in the state of our forests.

This article is the second of a two part series on the book "The Insatiable Bark Beetle" by Dr. Reese Halter. The first article covered the grand sweep of our rapidly warming forests and the attacking strategies of the bark beetles. This second article gives a taste of Dr. Halter's tours of several magnificent forest types and the dire future awaiting them if we continue to overheat our planet.




Well, our Dollar store just went out of business as well as our little town's branch of the Goodwill,,,neither could afford the monthly lease payment. Packed tourist buses galore at Walmart though. heh

John D

It's perverse. The stock market jumps up on bad news, as it is a sign that QE will continue. More for them, less for the peasants, they reason.

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