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With all due respect for vultures, there is no better word to label the "employers" and associated parasitical employment agencies who are taking advantage of the desperate by offering non-permanent "jobs" for measly pay, no benefits and no rights.

It's a return to serfdom. History tells us that serfs were compensated with just enough reward (usually thin rations and rudimentary lodging) to ensure they could perform the daily hard labor required by the overlord. Hitler's gang of thugs utilized the same logic in the concentration camps, for those "lucky" enough not to be instantly exterminated.

In essence, serfdom is an aspect of Darwinian survival, so we should not be surprised that after a fleeting interlude called the Enlightenment, Homo unsapiens is reverting to normal patterns of unvarnished abuse and exploitation of the masses by the privileged class, the latter whom are nothing more than the latest generation of psychopathic thieves and plunderers also known as Alpha males.

To quote Monty Python, I fart in their general direction.



Recovery doublespeak: "We need to create jobs and invest in education by making borrowing easier"

The "beneficiary": A temp job, 6 figures of student loan debt, a credit card, an 84-month subprime auto loan, and a subprime mortgage.

But the Dow is up, and the GDP, and inventories, and...such


What are disappearing are "middle class" jobs. As Dave has discussed here before, the American Middle Class is likely to have been nothing more than the temporary artifact of the temporary existence of surplus energy resulting from the temporary age of fossil fuels. As the growth in fossil fuel extraction slows and eventually declines, you will almost certainly see the continued erosion (and eventual disappearance) of the middle class. Before fossil fuels, there were the elite and the poor. After fossil fuels, the situation is eventually likely to be much the same.

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