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Skeptical Science has some additional detail here for those that are interested... http://www.skepticalscience.com/Why-The-Hottest-Decade-Was-Not-Hotter-.html


Skeptical Science's post from yesterday also addresses the issue of the Norwegain report:


I am waiting for someone to say that burning coal, without SO2 control, actually helps the climate change situation...

Dave Cohen


Thanks for the link.

I'll deal with these Happy Norwegians (who prompted this post) later this week.

-- Dave

Aboc Zed


if you get a chance can you tear apart the opinion piece at

those HOT (Hope-Optimism-Technology) people are so annoying.



Dave Cohen


I dealt with those HOT fools in this article--


There is not enough time for me (literally) to deal with every type of human foolishness.

And yes, they are very annoying.

-- Dave


Nature is often self-correcting.

Wouldn't it be great if we Homo ignorami were blindly self-correcting ourselves - i.e. heedlessly doing things (such as burning coal) that acted to ameliorate planetary warming caused by... er... burning coal.

Unfortunately, I surmise that we are so out of kilter with Nature that she has packed her bags and hitched a lift to an alternate reality.

Aboc Zed

Thanks Dave!

I should have checked DOTE archive before I asked. It seems that over 3 years you have already tackled all kinds of human foolishness from all angles and exposed all those empty heads for what they are: successfull peckers and believers who bend their views of reality whatever way suits best to make them "successfull".

Indeed "success" means cooked brains and could-not-care-less attitude. If it were any other way they would be at the bottom of the pile not on the top.

Mike Roberts

Foster and Rahmstorf studied the effects of temporary variables (like Enso and volcanoes) on the temperature trend, in 2011, and showed that there was no standstill in global warming due to human emitted greenhouse gases. As far as I can tell, they didn't include the impact of increased coal burning, as you've mentioned here, so the underlying trend could well be steeper. As industrialisation declines, that last effect will lessen, which doesn't look good for the overall picture.

Thanks for addressing this issue.


I think this lends support to my massive government subsidized, job-creating coal-fire idea.

"Come warm yourself by the fire. Leave with that warm glow, knowing your ticket purchase helped cool the planet and put Americans back to work!"

I should really go into marketing.


John D. Wheeler

You are so right, this is foolishness. If in 1975 people had looked at that chart and said it was at a standstill, okay, I could see that. They would have been wrong, of course, but they couldn't have necessarily known that. This small plateau barely comes out of the noise level, a mere pause.

Furthermore, even if sulfates are counteracting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, they are likely only making ocean acidification worse. Global warming isn't the only problem the world faces from humans. It's like we're playing Russian roulette with five chambers filled.

Alexander Ač

Thanks Dave!

Fake skeptics think global warming stopped,

fake climate scientists think it will slowly continue while we can adapt,

climate scientists think we can still avoid 2 °C, if serious action is taken finally,

climate alarmists think 4-6 °C is inevitable by 2100,

and 99,9 % of Humanity does not care at all or fell "powerless".

Two more links for today:

NASA data registers strong deforestation signals in Sumatra, Borneo, Brazil, Gabon -- http://news.mongabay.com/2013/0129-glofdas-deforestation-2012Q4.html#

and Great Barrier reef dire state: http://www.skepticalscience.com/Australias-Great-Barrier-Reef-Last-Chance-to-See.html


Alexander Ač

And another new study (september 2012) showing that global warming of less than 1.5 °C relative to pre-industrial temperature is needed in order to save more than 10 % of global coral reefs:



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