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And there lies the dilemma, in the truest sense of the word.

Do we accept that crap happens and there ain't nothing we can do about it - 'it' being an inalienable aspect of Darwinian behavior?

Or do we stand up and make a fight of it, in any way we can muster - knowing that we are doubtless doomed to failure, 'it' being so endemic in human conduct?

Lose-lose... and yet, I return again and again to DOTE, reading your wisdom in the attempt to understand the crap that goes on. According to Einstein, this puts me among the ranks of the insane: ...doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Dave Cohen


That is an excellent comment, for you have hit on the central dilemma.

For me, it becomes a matter of how a person is going to spend his precious time on this Earth. If your options are few and limited -- and mine are -- then writing DOTE is a good way to go. If I were rich and not single, I would probably spend a lot of my time (not all) on a beach in some exotic locale drinking fine wine, enjoying her company, and all the rest. But that is not an option.

Now, that said, there is a consideration you might think about regarding the insanity of reading my shit every day. It is very easy (even for me, sometimes) to fall back into old habits of thinking about the human world wherein we take all this nonsense for granted, and cease to see it. So reminding you and reminding myself of what's really going on is a worthwhile exercise. In this matter, there is a progression of consciousness which this blog seeks to encourage.

And remember, none of this would be necessary if the human world were not as fucked up as it truly is. That's the unfortunate thing.


-- Dave


Dave - That you take the considerable trouble to remind us of what's really going on, and thereby resuscitate our consciousness that is easily overloaded by frivolous daily static, is a selfless deed of the highest order. I'm no seer but I feel sure that somewhere, there is a beautiful thoughtful woman waiting to meet a rarity like you, and if there's an iota of justice remaining in this world, she has the means to set up the beach/wine/etc thing you deserve for the occasional retreat.
Merci pour tout.


This particular issue is dear to my heart as I used to work in real estate, in Florida, after the crash.

If this is anything like the other programs to "help" borrowers, it will be run by the banks, carefully designed to be impossible to get, and all that money will go nowhere. In any case, it's a giant joke when what we're talking about is fraud on a massive scale. These things are all serious crimes, in theory.

Dave, as to your last 3 questions:
I expected (in 2008) that the banks might get broken up, not consolidated
I am complaining that nobody has gone to jail for fraud
No, but it has not always been this bad, or at least there used to be regulations - there are degrees of corruption

I am not so naive now, but it was really depressing to see that the entire end result of the 2008 crash was to make the rich whole again while depriving everyone else of their assets. Lots of foreclosures. Yeah, lots of people did stupid things with real estate, but the mortgage system was and still is a dangerous debt trap. This was a game played to separate suckers from their money.

Dave Cohen


Re: it has not always been this bad

It is a central tenet of this blog that Progress is an illusion, even if it appears to be gaining traction for a while before being submerged again.

This view has considerable and overwhelming empirical support in modern & contemporary times, and in the historical record.

-- Dave


For your consideration:


Economic history suggests that most countries fail in the reform and adjustment process precisely because the sectors of the economy, not to mention individuals, that have benefitted from the distortions are powerful enough to block any attempt to eliminate those distortions. - Michael Pettis

Aboc Zed

I agree with Dave that "Progress" is an illusion.

Indeed we have not advanced at all on important counts since we first set to live in communal settings some 10 - 12,000 years ago. Sopcially we are still very much like other animals: successfull peckers climb up the hierarchy and have "lessers" under them giving them "good life" but as a whole we are in much worse situation than before we started because we have caused so many extinctions and we polluted so much and we keep doing the same with ever increasing speed.

The minor consolation is the fact that what we have is inevitable and could not go any other way simply because it is unravelling of properties of matter, LIFE being one of those properties and self-organization of life all the way towards big brained genus homo that poops in his one home and into his own meal bowl.

So that will continue. And there is nothing we can do about it.

What we can do is to learn the best way to talk about it and find the people who speak the same language so that by the time the system can no longer bear genus homo at least a miniscule proportion of it understands what needs to be done (or rather not done) on the downslope.

Have a good day everyone!

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