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Thanks as always Dave for the musical escape route today.

Talking of romantic music flowing from American hands, I humbly refer you to Pat Metheny's Into The Dream.


Imagine if this member of Homo sapiens was typical of our species. I would hazard a guess that there would be no empire and no decline.

Hope your weekend is joyful ;-)

Ac A

Hello Dave,

I wanted to send it to through mail but did not find it quickly, here is one response from the autor of "Rethinking wedges" S. Davies:

"Apologies for not answering sooner. We did not model a scenario where economic growth ceases. That was not because we believe economic growth should continue unabated--indeed, several of us have noted that physics and economics are in conflict where exponential growth in energy demand are concerned. Rather, we were trying to represent the path that emissions are on and where they must go in order for climate to be stabilized."

Also, there is some new stuff from N. Stern, where he says he "got it wrong"...: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2013/jan/27/nicholas-stern-climate-change-davos?CMP=twt_fd



Good work Alex - thanks for confirming the myopia of these guys.

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