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Ken Barrows

I am bummed. I was hoping for Jamie Dimon. At least then it would be in the great wide open.


The parallels with the last days of both the Roman Empire and the Third Reich are spine-tingling. Dissenters were chopped down and only ass-cleaners telling the emperor whatever he wanted to hear were tolerated. Why should we be surprised that the wholly corrupt power center only hires the already wholly corrupted?

Ken - Talking about bummed and Jamie Dimon and wide open in the same breath just about sums up how we've all been screwed. I'm writing this standing up, not by choice.

J. Drew

Yawn. A week or so ago "Ilargi" over at the automatic earth wrote an article about how Obama had one last chance to become a great president, and how his choice of secretary's and whatnot would be indicative of whether you guys were in for some real change or more of the same. For me, at least, it read more like an onion piece designed to hammer home just how unlikely it was he would take his opportunity to become a great president and actually do something about the financial industry, than a serious question of what he would do.

Dave Cohen

@J Drew

More to the point, why don't you explain to us why you still read The Automatic Earth, where Nicole will explain "A World Of Change" to us in 4 DVDs for a mere $50.

And I quote--

"... featuring Nicole's unique lectures on finance, energy, preparedness, and their influence on your future."

Blah, blah, blah. Ditto for Chris Martenson's unique lectures, although I think they cost more.

-- Dave



The same Bernie Sanders wrote this article (The Soul of America) in full knowledge of Lew's cluelessness.

"My Republican colleagues...rescinded financial regulations that enabled Wall Street to operate like a gambling casino, leading to a severe recession that eroded tax revenue and left more than 14 percent of American workers unemployed or underemployed."

You've got to be kidding me, progressives. Rubin/Summers and the GS revolving door on Democrat administrations had no role at all? Perpetuating this false narrative only obfuscates and confuses. In fact, I'm coming to believe that is the objective. What else could a person rationally conclude?


Do be so naive, John. Finger pointing to keep the electorate confused while the powers that be continue gorging on the public's entrails is the name of the game.

So conservatives blame liberals, progressives blame Republicans, etc. The Blame Game! Meanwhile, nothing gets any better. All sound and fury signifying nothing.

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