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Alexander Ač

Dave, nice summary!

For those interested, there is a sequence of heat-wave forcast from 9 to 15th of january: http://blog.sme.sk/blog/1159/317945/heatwave-forecast-to-continue-all-week-data.gif

The "purple" temperature did not materialize (yet)



Good news. Extreme weather is just propaganda and is debunked here : http://www.cfact.org/2012/12/07/extreme-weather-debunked/

Whew! I bet those Australians will be relieved! I sure am glad to know that our record high year following last year's here in Texas is just made up!


"Tornados of fire" the grandfather described it. damn


Ir would be pretty funny if the Idiocracy finally woke up because theit iPhones stopped working.

I ran across this yesterday:

It was an Australian tv show run last year about how a climate activist meets a denier politician and they try to change each others' minds. Unsurprisingly, they do not.

Along the way they give airtime to dignitaries such as Marc Morano and Bjorn Lomborg - yet another example of the media portraying the science as unresolved. A site poll afterwards shows that 49% of respondents are 'dismissive' of global warming, saying it won't have any effect on their lives. I wonder what the results would be if it was conducted now.


Okay, the 800 number got a straight-up laugh out of me. :-)

So, maybe Australia is a little toasty. I'm sure there are places people could move to. Someplace is bound to be getting more comfortable. Like, Siberia, norther Canada, Iceland or Greenland (not yet, but maybe sooner rather than later). Granted, I'm not sure these northern latitudes could feed 7 billion on the inch of topsoil left after the great thaw, but maybe those 6 billion refugees could just stick some topsoil in their luggage and bring their own. Come on, humans are creative. ;-)

Mike Roberts

I wanted to check on the latest, so I first went to the web site of New Zealand's major daily, here, The New Zealand Herald. I couldn't find any relevant stories on the front page and so went to the page on Australian news. It was the 9th story behind such important news as the location of an arts festival and the boxing debut of an Australian Rugby star player.

People just don't care. Things will eventually get back to normal, won't they?



At what temperature does the battery in these tech toys explode? 56C? ^_^


What a relief to know that the main adverse outcome of climate change is an inability to operate an Iphone.

Meanwhile, here in Australia, land of delusion, there is a conspicuous silence in the mainstream media, with scarcely any reference of 'climate change' in relation to the fires. Only one news channel (SBS) has, as far as I can tell, made the connection.

I predict that we will slide further and further into denial as the evidence mounts.

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