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John D

I read somewhere that companies are now looking at fracking as a way to mine uranium. Geez, we don't even bother with the charade of acting concerned for the environment anymore. Just pillage away for the almighty 'growth'. Locusts indeed.


Attenborough's noisy detractors, by and large the younger set of condescending self-promoting 'commentators', are an amusing sideshow in their own right. They have no clue at all about anything, least of all that their lack of self awareness is specific proof of the Hominid plague fouling up ex gloria Planet Earth.



(Apparently, us humans have never been so successful or healthy!)


I agree with Attenborough, however, if I said that around anyone of my friends or family I would be socially fucked ... like totally fucking isolated ...


Ben - Don't worry, I imagine most of us DOTE visitors are already outcasts in our own lunchtimes. You'll always have your comrades-in-arms right here (until the grid goes poof).


Paul Craig Roberts wrote an interesting article titled "Nature’s Capital is the Limiting Resource", published on CounterPunch earlier this week. I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression here, I don't read CounterPunch regularly, nor do I particularly like or respect Roberts. In fact I despise him, for many reasons which I will not speak about here. However, he wrote what I think is an interesting article, and I want to share it with you guys: http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/01/25/natures-capital-is-the-limiting-resource/


Had a conversation with my boss the other day. Talking about resource limitations, climate change and the like. She asked what could be done. I said lots of people needed to die (as in a few billion or so). She wanted to know what else could be done. I said "nothing else will cut it". That killed the conversation. Was I too harsh?

chris in chicago

If you want to be hated real fast, tell people they shouldnt have any kids.

Better yet try telling them bringing kids into the world they are going to have to live in in the future is child abuse.

Ive been a social outcast my whole life.


We came. We saw. We expanded (and continue to expand) to consume all available energy.

Same ol', same ol'. Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Just another life form.... move along.

Irrelevant question of the day... Will there be anybody left to give our plague a nifty name, like "The Black Death"? Perhaps we should name it ahead of time, just for the record. How about "The Sapiens Scourge" or "The Hominid Hydra" or "The Anrthopocene Annihilation?

Rob N. Banks

Humanity is a monster existing within the nightmare of life. The serpent devours its tail, while its wisest child devours the world. No cycles can take place without the plane. The parasite is quicker than the cosmos. Regardless of herald or champion, death shall reign absolute. May all beings find peace in the nothingness from which they came.

Mike Roberts

How does one come to terms with being one of a plague species and being one of the few who realise that? That's what I struggle with, these days.

Locust # 5,890,865,845

In case you didn't see it, a BBC doco from last May http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyNekAJ6rA8


"How does one come to terms with being one of a plague species and being one of the few who realise that? That's what I struggle with, these days."

I used to struggle with this too, Mike. I even became a vegetarian, 'downsized' my lifestyle, work part-time, grew what little food I could and all that.
The problem is that it doesn't make the slightest bit of difference. Except to my peace of mind, that is.

I won't have any kids, therefore, I've done what little I can.
So, I have decided to start eating fish again, because they are so damn tasty and I'm going to get my share before it's too late. I won't go as far as eating meat again because of issues with farming practices and animal welfare. I won't work full-time again as I want to enjoy my time walking, drinking, reading, woodworking and so on.
And I enjoy eating fresh food from my garden, so I'll still continue with that too.

What I'm trying, badly, to say is that I've come to terms with things and am trying to enjoy the rest of my life as best I can, while I can, whilst sticking to my particular set of principles.

That's all we can do I'm afraid. Que sera sera.

Tom Durkins

Nicely stated Clyde.

Available Light

I didn't read the Independent article. I made the mistake of reading a similar article on The Daily Mail, one of those "news" sources that delights in feeding raw meat to its ever-hungry audience to garner page impressions and thus money. Compounding my folly, I went to the comments section. The very first comment I read suggested Attenborough's critique was an exercise in "self-loathing." I sighed wearily and closed the page.

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