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The "Doomer" & "Prepper" themes are increasingly entering MSM - coinwinkydink? I think not.

OT - There are some outlets floating a "kick the can" on the fiscal cliff - They agree to a short extension, say to June 1, 2013 from December 31, 2012. Kick that can, kick it baby!!! Nothing bad can happen, right?


One of the most fatuous distractions in IPCC and other consensus reports is the choice of 2100 as a benchmark for projections. It's quite cleverly a point in time that nobody making predictions today will have to answer to, and scientists hate making predictions that are wrong.

Even with that caveat, the report is bogus. Examples:

"If the permafrost thaws..."

The permafrost IS THAWING

"...emissions from thawing permafrost could start within the next few decades..."

Emissions ARE being released from permafrost NOW.

I'm not personally worried about a non-linear leap in emissions because I agree we will be done in by starvation and war before that overwhelms the climate system (even the doomiest of scientists on the cutting edge of arctic research that I know of are giving us until 2038 - 2050 before mass human extinction - http://geo-engineering.blogspot.com/2012/02/how-much-time-is-there-left-to-act.html).

But, regardless of how quickly runaway amplifying feedbacks kick in - or whether any of us will be around to care - their inevitability, as Mister Andrews says in a charmingly old-world accent, "... is a mathematical certainty".


Dave Cohen


Re: bogus

This is bullshit. The report is not bogus. There's a great deal of useful detail in the report, which I'm sure you have not looked at.

Everyone knows there has been some thawing of the permafrost, and some emissions as a result. Not much, relatively, but some. It's in the report.

It is unacceptable for you to write off a scientific report as "bogus" as if somebody was intentionally downplaying the situation. In fact, the intention of the scientists who wrote it was just the opposite.

-- Dave

John D


The primary driver of all politicians is to not get blamed for anything bad. Balancing the budget requires doing 'bad' things. Therefore the ONLY possible outcome of this fiscal crap bullshit is the creation of a new creative way to kick the can down the road some more.


I've just come back from the future. Where in the equation are the methane/CO2 emissions from 7+ billion rotting human bodies?


Thanks Dave,

Do you know how these stack up to methane clathrates in the arctic?


Dave Cohen

Re: methane clathrates in the Arctic



-- Dave


"....scientists do not have a sufficient handle on the situation." LMAO, I read that and instantly that of a midget wrestling Andre the Giant.

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