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Ken Barrows

Once the actions of the Federal Reserve are shown to be an overwhelming success, analysts will wonder why the Fed didn't implement these policies 100 years ago. \sarc

Mike Roberts

I'm in awe of you, Dave. I understood very little of those quotes about the bond and T-bill dealings of the Fed, Treasury and markets. But it certainly is hilarious to talk about purchasing debt, as though debt itself is some kind of useful product. "Here, have an IOU for 45 billion." "Hey, thanks; how much will that cost me?" "Well, at least 45 billion, but I may default on it before the 30 year deadline". "No problem, give me all you got, I'm sure I can find a use for it".


Watching those Airplane clips again was hilarious (thanks), but what's even more hilarious is the following statement:

They asked me whether I wrote fiction.

Since stumbling upon DOTE many moons ago, I have never come across more Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth.

Bu**er the Bible. Maybe jurors should be sworn in using a touchscreen displaying your blog!

Alexander Ač

"Funny" thing is, that nobody cares, exept few people... Alex


It is the willing suspension of disbelief. People want to believe that their country is great, that their lives are okay, and things will get better. It is a bitter pill to swallow to learn that an entire system is built on lies and theft and is robbing you of any hope of a future you might have (economic or physical). It is easier to believe the happy lie than the sad truth and there are many peddlers selling the saccharine.

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