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Ken Barrows

Who loves short shorts? As for the WAIS, bummer.

John Ennis

Dave: Justin Bieber? Have you snapped???

Dave Cohen

@John Ennis

You do know I was joking, right?

If not, I do kind of hope that people actually read what I write. That's why I write, to be read. For example, did you catch the reference to irreversible brain damage?


-- Dave

John Ennis

Dave: I caught the irony, but even ironically Bieber is cruelty. What really saddens me is that I thought a couple of the tunes were catchy.


Wow! Rihanna - Diamonds is ranked number one ... smh no talent imo ... whatever ... I guess ... she's fine as hell though


Let me get this straight. There's a huge ice sheet busily melting at twice the rate previously thought. But it's at the "bottom" of the globe. Out of sight. Out of mind. We don't see it so it's not happening. La la la la.

Meanwhile, we get emotionally attached to an argument over which synchronized ape-like antics (cleverly coordinated to electronic pulses) should or should not have been posted or not posted, completely missing the irony that we're engaging in the very thing that's being satirized.

Never mind that the ice sheet's stability over long periods of time very directly impacts whether or not we get to do our little ape-like antics over similarly long periods of time.

Got it.


0.3 millimter per year rise in sea level just ain't gonna get no attention. Something dramatic, like a few Sandys, or continued Arctic melting, or the Greenland ice sheet...now those will get people's attention. Sad but true. A few friends of mine are climate-change sceptics, but their views have shifted the last few years, with all the weirdness going on.

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