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Why waste platinum. Mint one coin worth, say 100 trillion, why not, and cash it in. We'll then have enough to get to Mars and pay for everyone's pension.
Come on , let's do this now. I can't see any problems.
Oh, hang on.............


Now that the 'cliff' scam has been looked at, lets move back to reality.

'Loss of ancient, big trees becoming a global issue: Big trees are vanishing around the world and often not being replaced. The loss of these trees can be can be devastating to other species'.


Dave Cohen


If they start printing money like crazy, you may be forced to change your view of what constitutes "reality" and what does not.

Whether I can afford to buy food or not is certainly "reality" to me. Or maybe you don't have to eat?

All these things matter in equal measure (mostly). They all represent one aspect or another of Human Foolishness.

-- Dave


I've consulted an ancient text on alchemy, and to my delight, I've found that one of these magic conversions actually works! All I had to do was eat 3 portions of very hot curry, wait 4 hours, pour a cupful of bleach plus two cups of vinegar (or any Australian wine) into the toilet bowl, then relieve myself by moving what rhymes with towels.

Hey presto, I made my own platinum, there in my very own little boy's room! A freshly rinsed segment is now winging its way to my inland revenue office in lieu of my 2011-12 tax bill.

If the US Treasury can do it, anyone can do it. Copies of my alchemy book are available at $1 trillion each.


Which are the preferred sites and even blogging focused upon perusing and even books?



I should worry about rising food prices when we are in the midst of a mass extinction event?

Bud Wood

There would seem to be no legal problems associated with 1 trillion dollar coins. The practical problem could be in making change; "I'll take the change in $100 bills, please"! Might take 6 years to count it out, assuming that it takes 2 seconds to lay out a 100 dollar bill.

But then, who's being practical in all these governmental financial activities?


Considering that currency is largely a fiction anyway, this is not as ridiculous as it may sound in context. Consider that our whole economic system is pretty much illusory anyway and rigged up in a way to benefit a few at the expense of many.

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