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The hilarity continues this week. I have a brief statement to add, addressed to Herr Elon Musk.

"Elon, I can have a wet dream for a lot less money than you."


Since we as a race have proven ourselves incapable of maintaining the lush paradise we were given for free, and are instead wantonly destroying it, the notion that we can somehow CREATE a habitable environment anywhere, let alone on Mars is insane.

I just downloaded Beasts of the Southern Wild which is an incredibly moving allegory of the human dilemma. In it the little girl who is the protagonist says, "The whole Universe depends on everything fitting together just right. If one piece busts - even the smallest piece - the entire Universe will get busted".

She is exactly correct and the idea that we could reconstruct an ecosystem complex enough to sustain human society or anything other than possibly single-celled microbes without the benefit of a few million years of evolution first is ludicrous.

I want some of what they are smoking.

John D

MMTB syndrome More money than brains.

Ken Barrows

Dave, thank you. I needed a good laugh.

J. Drew

This guy thinks price tags are decided solely on the basis of what people would consider "acceptable"? Give this guy the "Nobel Prize" in economics, I bet it would look great next to that space camp merit badge the Aeronautical society gave him.


Dave, the whole manned space program is based on adolescent fantasies like colonizing the Red Planet. Check out the movie John Carter of Mars (written in 1900's by Edgar RIce Burroughs) to see where this all started. The idea goes for manned missions to the Moon etc.. there is little return at great expense.. now if we could ship all those billionaires to the Sub-Saharan desert and terraform it ... that might be useful..and suborbital rockets are a lot cheaper:)

John Cabal

Maybe there's more method in this madness than you might think. In C.M. Kornbluth's story "The Marching Morons", the elites of an overpopulated Earth decided to get rid of excess morons by sending them as "colonists" to the planet Venus (where there was actually no colony, of course -- their spaceships simply spiraled into the Sun).


To start, humans aren't very good at following through on 100-year plans.

Second, where will we get all the energy for manned flight of this scale?

Lastly, on the idea of terraforming Mars, anyone remember Biosphere II?


Techies are always good for a laugh. Too bad they actually believe the shit they spout and probably even get paid for it by other uneducated dreamers.

Mike Roberts

Wow, that's some delusional guy. His notion of calculating the costs reminds me of something our central bank governor (a bit like the Fed chairman) said when asked about the assumption of oil price in one of his economic forecasts a few years ago. The question was about the basis for that assumption. The answer was that prices have been high for a while so they must go down. They didn't (for the period of his forecast), of course.

These guys don't base their view of the future on reality but on desires.

Bill McDonald

The second video conclusively proves that man's hubris truly has no bounds.


Isn't this the same group that the US military announced multi-hundred million dollar contracts with for space services? If so, his delusions make sense- he can keep promising the moon for lucre. Whether he actually believes it or not is largely incidental.

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