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Thank you for pointing out that the craziness is a product of social isolation. I would add that being indoors too much is probably also at fault. In a sense, the other things like iPhone fixation and such are symptoms of the same thing.

It reminds me of reading "The Human Zoo" by Desmond Morris. Keep people in cages and of course they go crazy.


Your title is near perfect metaphor.
As always, you see and speak of the essence.
As always, I am much obliged.


Police states have people informing on each other in order to keep everyone isolated. Extreme individualism is our way of controlling everyone.


This is what I wrote to my family after I copied in Dave's column. (I work at a school and am an ex American for the last 40 years)

How can anyone understand this latest shooting in a US school? Here is a pretty good short summation IMHO. I thought this was worth sharing. Written by an American blogger. Canada is no different except that handguns are very hard to come by and automatic weapons are simply not available. We get the odd knife threat at our school, and occasionally we have a staff mtg before school where some angry native girls picture is shown around beacuse she has threatened some chick with a knife, but by and large we don't have to worry about some teen going home for Daddy's mini 14 because Daddy's can't own them here or they go to jail. Of course this all came about after Marc Lapine killed so many young women at Ecole Polytechnic in Montreal what? 20-30 years ago?

Gun control does work. It has to happen with stiff prison terms for violators. The problem is that the prisons are already overfull of poor minorities for drug busts....casualties from the war on drugs. Where is the reset start over button?


I found this posted in another forum and couldn't agree more.

"Gun control and mental health institutions are a stopgap. This culture produces violent, broken people because the culture itself is broken, predicated on and sustained by violence."

Mark H. Burnham

You're right to note that nothing will change as a result of this event. As long as it is legal (and profitable) for anyone to own guns designed solely for the purpose of killing human beings without demonstrating some kind of legitimate need, this will continue. "Our representatives" did nothing even when one of their own was gunned down. 20 dead children isn't going to motivate Congress. We live in a culture that glorifies violence and glosses over death. I'm 62 years old and this country has been at war with some group somewhere (inside and outside the country) the entire time. How can anyone expect this to change in a society that is truly mentally ill and armed to the teeth?

One other point. Have you noticed how sanitized all the coverage of this tragedy has been. Maybe Americans need to see what this classroom looked like when the first responders arrived. After vomiting perhaps they'd act.

Joe K

I disagree with the previous commenter. How do you explain people smashing a plane into buildings or Oklahoma bomber? Where is the gun there? Sorry, I'll trust my Founding Fathers before I trust your so-called wisdom.

Regarding Dave's comments, I think you hit a home run. This has to be one of the best articles you've written. I'm so sick of the violence non-stop on TV. Same with the games. Yes, the dollar rush and the competition for the latest gadget, car, etc. I will say I'm looking for a way out of this country. Not permanent, but a place to run to when the proverbial shit-hits-the-fan. Planning a trip to a foreign country in a few months (not saying, I don't want you there) and investigating costs/area. Doesn't pan out, no problem, will keep looking. I'm sick of locking my doors or worrying I didn't, leaving lights on in the day so they are on in the evening so no one loots my house, etc. I agree with a previous post that we shouldn't be locking everyone for a gram of pot or whatever, but I also think our penal system is too lenient and there should be punishment and work-not working out lifting weights so you can kick my ass next time around. Caning, as in Singapore, for white collar and all other criminals and work camps. Death penalty for those who 100% sure we have proof of murder.

Lastly, comments regarding lack of socialization. Go to Europe and see all the cafe's and folks socializing, having a drink and enjoying themselves. Nothing like this very much here. Hide in your house and watch your violence movie on the 55 inch flat screen. Before I end, there will be those who say, "Europe is falling apart!" So are we. Both welfare systems can work, but just for the citizens and both continents have let in too many folks that don't contribute to bottom line nor have interest in improving their respective countries.

More to say, but what's the point. Good luck. We will all need it.


@ Joe and Mark

lol you guys are crazy.


it seems to me that a killed to wounded ratio of 27 to 1 is highly improbable.


I agree with atleast most of what you guys have to say. Nice to see some smart people out there on this subject. All I have to say is going to be something that's said alot already.

There is a clear pattern forming on random shootings, especially school shootings. These people who snap and kill for really no reason at all share something with eachother. Especially how they act before the shooting happens. Not trying to say that every shy kid who wears black clothes is going to always go on a shooting spree, I'm just trying to look more into why this keeps on reoccuring!

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