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Thanks Dave,
a short but very powerful post!!
I don`t think all my friends will come over to the other side, just as i don`t expect Mr.Krugman will make that leap for the obvious reasons you mentioned, but anyway, thanks again.
Enjoy your days,
and please be carefull when you set off your fireworks!

Alexander Ač

My guess is he is now working to get his fellow (neo-classical) economists on the bandwagoon...


Fran Joseph

You made me laugh. Thinking of you and thanking you as the new year approaches.

John D

I agree that Krugman has gotten a clue, but my old habit of Krugman-bashing won't die. Under the old economic philosophy, all you need is labor and capital, and that wealth creation is limitless. Yes, I agree with him that whoever controls the capital controls the wealth. But I still don't think he's gone to the next step where he looks at a system of labor and capital contrained by energy and resources. There the outcome is not limitless wealth, but a stagnant amount of wealth gravitating toward those with capital. I still think he believes economies can grow forever.


"...the poor bastard might end up like me, a poor blogger with relatively few readers and no friends..."

But would he then find himself to be the same, happy-go-lucky sort of fellow as you? After all it's quality of life that matters, not standard of living. ;-)

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