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Alexander Ač

My guess is he is now working to get his fellow (neo-classical) economists on the bandwagoon...


Fran Joseph

You made me laugh. Thinking of you and thanking you as the new year approaches.

John D

I agree that Krugman has gotten a clue, but my old habit of Krugman-bashing won't die. Under the old economic philosophy, all you need is labor and capital, and that wealth creation is limitless. Yes, I agree with him that whoever controls the capital controls the wealth. But I still don't think he's gone to the next step where he looks at a system of labor and capital contrained by energy and resources. There the outcome is not limitless wealth, but a stagnant amount of wealth gravitating toward those with capital. I still think he believes economies can grow forever.


"...the poor bastard might end up like me, a poor blogger with relatively few readers and no friends..."

But would he then find himself to be the same, happy-go-lucky sort of fellow as you? After all it's quality of life that matters, not standard of living. ;-)

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