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Don Bowen

"honestly whatever option makes these things stop, do that one."

Or more accurately "whatever option allows us to get reelected and continue the game"

Eric Thurston

The gun control debate is part of a larger debate about freedom. The libertarian mind set holds that the more freedom from laws and rules, the better, while totally ignoring the issue of responsibility--specifically our social responsibility to our fellow countrymen and our global responsibility to our fellow human beings.

It is all too easy to forget that freedom at any level includes the freedom to fail, and we are failing rapidly as a society and as a 'sapient' species.

Frank Furcsa

What is this christmas thingy anyway that one has to observe it or revere it or commemorate it any special way . As i am concerned it is a big BS a Big big BS handed down from the good old old Bs days of dark ages superstition ignorance and plain dumbness for recent idiots who are weak lonely feel alone lesser character so they have to gather around them a whole bunch of like minded or better said unminded folks and feel the warmth the togetherness of what ?? i Tell you the idiocy of today and yesterday added together . Nothing you needed to write for this day and nothing to be sad about it is a big dumb christmas all over again . That this world is going to end it might just a fresh breath of air if you really think about it after all this constipated stuff eventually has to give way otherwise it is all shits all over internally and that kills you


@ Frank

... you're over thinking the whole Christmas thing

Frank Furcsa

Oh did i touch a nerve ! Nevermind just wanted to feel Dave good about that Christmas is a "nothing burger day "and that he shouldn`t feel anything special about it his frustration should be an everyday frustration maybe even less so since all those good regular folks will feel way more frustrated after the meaningless excercise of the christ mess day the extra weight which were put on trying to fill the emptiness brought by the lies of family lifes utter pretentious exploitative conducts (place close attention to the CON in the word conduct)


No Frank, you did not touch a nerve. I didn't mean to come off like I am annoyed by your comment ... I apologize if I did.


Well, this Christmas came and went and I have to agree with Dave that this Christmas was not the same as those past. I think the things that bum me out the most: mass killings of children (Sorry, don't blame the gun. Some fool would think of a gas bomb or something more devious if guns weren't around), a Congress and President that are full of crap and can't balance a budget like I have to do, welfare bums that don't want to work and continue to breed as I pay taxes to support them, paying for criminals to party and lift weights while I work to pay for their subsistence and too tired to lift weights, these useless wars that the American people get sucked into as soon as the flag waving media start in collusion with governement, the lack of desire of the American citizen to educate himself, supporting white collar criminality with my tax dollars and allowing criminal banks to continue to operate with my tax dollars, lack of civility of our culture, lack of morality of our culture (at least admitting it's bad), the ever increasing push to accept social media over in-person interaction, the push for material products for our happiness, using antidepressants in ever increasing amounts, etc. I know there's a helluva lot more, but that sums it up. Sick of a lot here in America. I love my country, but it has changed. I'm close to 50 now and have seen each decade get worse and worse. Oh yeah, here's more! The pilfering of social security and medicare by both political parties. The dumping of mentally ill on the streets instead of a locked, clean environment where they get meds (ACLU doesn't like this. Go figure, better to have them defecating on your front door). Maybe things will be better next year. The good news is Fiscal Cliff will slow the Debt Limit for 4-5 months. As Charlie Brown would say, "Oh, good grief!"

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