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Frank Furcsa

Grandmothers die and so do " large old trees ".... always did always will


In fitting with the whole school shooting, mental health motif...

What do you think a shrink would say if they came across this blog? That you were depressed? Same for most of the commenters, ya? I expect you'd have a middle finger waiting for such analysis, and said shrink would feel even more correct in their analysis, ya?

So if mental health by today's definition is just "fitting in" to a sick society, then how can one, as a social creature, actually be mentally healthy without escapism or distraction or drugs to kick start them?

I've wondered this a long time, and I regret pissing you off with flamboyant stupidity if that is the reaction I provoke.

Dave Cohen

Don't worry about it, Brett.

if mental health by today's definition is just "fitting in" to a sick society...

That's what mental health is usually taken to be.

-- Dave

Dave Cohen

Re: Grandmothers die and so do " large old trees ".... always did always will

Why don't one of you readers -- not me -- explain to Frank why his statement demonstrates his near total incomprehension of the scientific result I reported on today.

-- Dave


This website fingers tropospheric ozone as the culprit. http://witsendnj.blogspot.com/ Her observations match what I am seeing in western new york. It's not just the old growth.


Re: Grandmothers die and so do " large old trees ".... always did always will

The loss of large trees on the scale as described in the article did not just fall over dying of old age but from having been cut down, as clearly pointed out in the article.

The Forest Service used to refer to old growth trees as decadent old growth, thus needing to be logged to encourage healthy young trees. After years of law suits lost by the agency it was all too clear that loss of old growth also meant loss of old growth dependent species, like spotted owls. I know for a fact that Jerry Franklin would concur, having hiked forests with him discussing the issue.

As for the re-generation of old growth forests, no doubt policy changes would need to be implemented. Doing so, as with all other issues needing policy change, will require that the groundswell of public pressure demanding said change needs to be felt. Perhaps this might someday happen, but I'm not holding my breath.


It is the relative age that the trees are dying and that it is not a natural way for them to go. They would grow older. If a gunman were to go and shoot a bunch of 65 year olds, would you brush it off and say that old people die all the time and always will?


The root cause of grandmothers dying is not, as far as I can tell, the destruction of their life-supporting habitat by humans. Of course, if we continue to behave in this cavalier way towards virtually all other life forms, eventually, our behavior will be the root cause of grandmothers dying as well.

In a nutshell, I believe that is more or less the point Dave is trying to make. Dave, feel free to correct me if I have it wildly wrong.

Alexander Ač


I already figured out that my research does NOT make a tiniest change in policy. Thus, I am slowly but surely giving up on such research. Other scientists MUST believe otherwise, or they will stop too...


Mike Roberts

Frank, did you actually READ today's post?

Frank Furcsa

C`mon there is one ongoing catastrophic deforestation going on everywhere the amazon basin the Canadian boreal forest the siberian all those rainforest in indonesia and surroundings do these few older trees really matter ?? Do you think if you save those all be well ???<<

Frank Furcsa

it seem half of my latest post dissapeared sorry i cant rewrite it


Hey, Dave, I just want let you know I'm posting links to your blogs on my FB page. Thanks for do the good work that you do. I'm doing my best to get you and others with a similar POV the wider audience you should be getting.


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